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When we say this welcome, it is from The Ancestral Medicine Women and many blessings to you.

There are two things for us that are really important for the healing journey.

  1. One of them is the Processing and the Processing Time and the Space, which we have discussed previously.
  2. The other thing is the Crisis.

What we have found through many experiences of our own lives, as well as others, that when we are going through a healing movement, and that could be anything from:

  • wanting to get rid of a part of their life
  • or wanting to change a part of their life that seems to come from Ancestral Energy and they want to have their own energy.

It could be that they are wanting to make a movement, they’re getting blocks in their lives, they’re wanting to develop themselves in lots of different ways, so they are at Point A and they want to get to Point B.

What we find with people is that once you start the healing process, there are tests. And there are tests that once you have had a healing experience… “Oh, this is great, I feel good, it is finished, it is gone!” … and then a couple of weeks later, or a couple of months or even years the same thing occurs again. And you say “I can’t believe I have just gone through this process and here I am again – exactly the same situation”.

This is what we call ‘the tests’.

The tests are testing your resolve, testing your intention, they are testing whether you are still wanting to be in that habit, whether you are really ready to move, and then what happens in those tests are experienced in the body, and when we talk about ‘the body’ we mean the WHOLE BEING – physical, emotional, mental and spirit.

The BEING itself is saying to you:

“We have always done this, this is how we live, and now you are wanting us to move to this other place.
It is very different to the way we have been living.
Are you sure?”

So, these tests happen all the time and they can be small tests, large tests. What we find though these tests can occur regularly, separated or what have you and then very often there will be a moment in time and it could come out of no where and it could be a long, long way from where you began,even from the time you began this journey – a long way down the track. You feel you’re totally through it and you have been healed and so on and then comes what we call ‘The Crisis’.

The crisis is generally, but not always, a physical thing, because the physical body is what we call the ‘last bastion.’

When people have some sort of illness like cancer or any kind of illness, they do not know it until the physical body gives them that warning. The mental and emotional and spirit body may have known it for a long time, but it’s not until the physical body gives you that information, that you really know it. And likewise, when you are moving through into a new phase of your existence, it is very often the physical body that will break down, that will resist. So, the very last thing that we experience that once the spirit is really ready to move the physical body, at the very last will hold on and say:


In that moment is ‘The Crisis’ and you might find that you have a terrible migraine, you might have influenza or have some really strong and sometimes devastating physical experience. Now we are really focusing on the physical because as we said – it’s the LAST BASTION. Your body is the fortress and it’s the bridging of that and that’s the last thing that will go (breaking itself down) and it is generally a physical experience that you have and it will be really intense.

It might last for a couple of years; it might last for a few days. The interesting thing is that in-that-moment you are in such a crisis that you cannot think beyond that moment and that’s when you need help and support. That’s when you need to find your spiritual guides whether they are physical or in the spirit world, whether you need to go and see somebody you can trust who will help you move through, because that physical experience is so overwhelming, so debilitating, so all-encompassing that you cannot think beyond it and you are there trying to fight that. What you need is support and help in that spirit energy, in that energetic movement to take you out of that and into the new.

When you reach the healing crisis you know ‘This is it!” This is the moment of my movement, my spirit my energetic movement. I’ve made lots of little inroads to that, but this is it from this point on the old is gone and the new is here. I am there and I am not going back to that. And that’s when you need support, don’t think you need to do it by yourself and don’t think you have to do it by yourself and don’t think you can do it by yourself.

Thank you.

The Mothers
(Ancestral Medicine Women)

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