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Your Faith and Your Development

– an intermediate shamanic living talk (ideal for all healers)
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(transcript of talk 10th Jan. 2020)
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So welcome, this is Mother Sha-Riah and in this talk, we are going to discuss the concept or the notion of ‘Faith’.

Now in Shamanic terms ‘Faith’ does not refer to religion or ritual or belief system necessarily or like a god, when we talk about Faith, we are not talking that. When we talk about Faith, what we are really talking about especially for someone who is wishing to live a Shamanic existence, or even wishes to be a Shaman; Faith – the main element of is: ‘Faith-in-the-Self’.

And when we talk about The Self in this sense of living (and being) in a Shamanic existence and you’ve done a lot of study, or you are wanting to be a Shaman, the Faith in The Self is really Faith in that very subtle, delicate vibration that goes on in the environment in nature, in humans and being able to read it or being able to access it, perhaps and having the Faith that you can do that.

First of all, you have to have The Faith that that thing, that energy, that vibration, that very subtle delicate vibration exists and Faith that you can access it.

Now, this might seem that it’s not very important or this isn’t a common definition of Faith and also because we are saying to you to have Faith in The Self, it can be considered by some as an egotistic view of life. But when we talk about Faith in The Self, as we said we are talking about Faith you, as an individual having Faith in that subtle vibration and that you can access that.

The reason that we use the word Faith is because ‘doubt’, in this instance we are going to say, is the opposite of Faith. And when there is doubt, there is always a debilitating, negative, chaotic, confusing energy that flows. Always.

So, if we have doubt and that energy is created. that energy is going to permeate this subtle, delicate vibration that we are talking about that is the essence of all things, is emitted by all things, and is like a connector and a communer with all things, or between all things.

So, if you doubt your ability to access and understand that energy, then you are actually adding a layer or a separate vibration which causes discord.

And what a Shaman or someone who is trying to live a Shamanic existence is trying to do is, at the very heart of the work that you do, is to create the opposite of discord – harmony.
You are trying to look at all the parts and you are trying to bring them together and create a vibrational experience where all of those things that can bounce of each other, they can move within each other and around each other, they can still hold their own separate, unique energy but there is this harmony where they can all work together.

If you have ever experienced a group journey or a group meditation where everybody in the group has experienced the nothingness and the every-thing-ness of the universe, you’ve been in that environment, that situation, that is the point that all beings in that space, and not just beings in that space as in the humans, but everything in that area whether there are trees, chairs, plants, animals, whatever, all of that has reached a level of harmony because, in that space everybody, everything went to that level of total openness. Total acceptance. Total connection and communing.

If you have ever been in that and then afterwards everybody has this feeling of total awe in the truest sense, not in the current pop culture sense, but in the truest sense, this glorious awe of what they have just experienced. That is harmony. That is real harmony.

And if you listen to some music, we are going to use a very plain metaphor here. If you listen to some music that is harmonised and it is harmonised to the point where every single thing works together up and down and it is like this flow up and down in and out, the feeling that that music gives you, it is like it fills you and it fills you and it opens you up and it broadens you because the harmony is reaching out and it is really speaking to you. Right, that harmony is really speaking to you.

You might not be the same vibration as the music. You might not be in harmony with that, but the point is that the harmony exists in that state and that is speaking to you and connecting with you.

It’s the same thing when we talk about living the Shamanic existence or being a Shaman.

This harmony is absolutely available to all individuals. Not all individuals are going to be able to access it, but it’s there and that’s why it’s important for you to have the Faith in yourself, not clouded by doubt, not creating confusion and such like, but the Faith in the self that that exists, number one, and you can access it, and you can harmonise with it and harmonise it.

Now, when we said ‘have the Faith in yourself and not have the doubts, of course, you don’t go through life never doubting yourself. You should question yourself, but you question not necessarily yourself, but you might want to ask questions about your motive. Ask questions about your actions. So, you are not criticising yourself or casting doubt on what you’ve done, but you are questioning to see if there is another way.

That’s a mature outlook on life. That’s not creating doubt because you have to accept that what was done, might not have been for the best. So, once you accept that, take responsibility for that and you’re accountable for that, then you ask yourself: What could I have done differently and so on’.

So, you are not creating a guilt and a shame energy which is doubt, you are creating an energy where it wasn’t the best and now, we are going to try and work out something better.

This is having Faith in The Self. Faith in The Self that you can question yourself. You can be self-critical. You can problem-solve. You can try and try to create harmony in yourself and on the outside of yourself in different situations.

So, Faith is something that we would suggest you really ponder because Faith for you, for everybody, is going to mean a different thing. But the Faith in The Self to be able to know that there is an energy, an essence, a vibration – very subtle vibration out there, that is a part of everybody, is unique to everything and connects and communes. Understanding that and then having the Faith that you are a part of that and you can access it, will totally transform your Shamanic experience whether you are a Shaman or whether you are living a Shamanic existence.
So, we hope that this has been interesting and thank you very much.
Many blessings, thank you.
Mother Sha-Riah

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Image thanks to Discoverynn cc4.0 wikimedia

This is picture is taken not far from where Mother Sha-Riah lived in her time.

English: Buddhism symbol – ritual shaman pillars know as serge with colored ribbons in sacred place Cape Burhan on Olkhon island, lake Baikal, Russia. Before sunrise on Lake Baikal. Territory of Pribaikalsky National Park. Pribaikalsky National Park (also spelled Pribaykalski)