Ancestral Medicine Women

What people say

Lectures and Talks:

“Wow, I was not expecting this subject to go where it did and I was so excited, so many times.” D.G. ~ USA.

“I am so glad that I chose wisely… Great result!” D.E. ~ USA

“Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge and wisdom with us. It is much appreciated and needed at this time.” – MH ~ USA

“I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar this morning and really appreciate your time and energy in putting it together and the information shared.” – LM ~ Australia

“Thanks so much for the wonderful generous sharing of your time and knowledge. It was great.” MO ~ Australia


I was extremely vulnerable and so dysfunctional and a friend invited me to attend a Shamanic meditation. After a few months I knew I had to go and have never looked back. I am 69 and my whole life has been transformed and I am a new person. This has spread to my immediate family with transformation I could only hope for, actually happening.
My journey was huge and the risk was the possibility of my only child not having anything to do with me for some time, or ever. I decided to go ahead, as I was so desperate and knew it was the right timing. The Mothers directed me constantly and my group supported me emotionally.
All my work on self-help over the years all came together at an amazing speed and has blown us all away. Thank you Mothers, Brad & Caroline. Barbi – Cairns FNQ


Skype Sessions:

“I feel so blessed to have connected with them and the Mothers, for their assistance in my healing journey has been deep and profound.  To feel the immense love, wisdom and comfort from the Mothers, it is one that you will be glad to experience.” ~  April – USA

“I’m really looking forward to seeing the broader community get to taste your medicine. It will be most excellent…” – BC – Australia

“Yesterdays session was incredibly insightful. Immediately going to the core of the issue, it has had an immediate impact upon me… I like my new self……especially after yesterdays session. I have given myself permission to find my true self and be my true self…the man within….its very cool…liberating.” – ST – Nepal.


Phone Sessions:

“The wisdom (of the Medicine Women) needs to be experienced to be believed!  Throughout my two sessions, the Mothers went beyond the surface very quickly, while always remaining gentle and respectful. It was clear that this went way beyond the standard counseling or common healing session one tends to expect, as they very quickly revealed the missing links and their connection, while acknowledging issues and their origin but focusing on solutions. The Mothers saw beyond my confusion, which brought a sense of clarity to the mystery of why I have felt  rejected and no sense of belonging, ever since I can remember and how to move beyond this.”- KK – Australia


Recorded Sessions:

“Brad, I can’t express well enough how grateful I AM! This has given me so much comfort.” – V.C. – Brazil



Divine your own Totem Course:

3 Months after:

Discovering my totem has enlarged my view of myself, my strengths and my challenges. My totem has provided a sense of coherence, a model that explains patterns in my life and my reactions to experience. My totem is both a companion, walking with me on this journey, and a teacher, helping me to find self understanding and begin to achieve a self-love that has been lacking. Being able to identify in particular the many very admirable strengths of my totem and see how those strengths are reflected in me is supporting a growing sense of self confidence and self worth. ~ J.D. – Australia

Nine Months after the course:

“The Totem course was without a doubt one of the most meaningful experiences I have
had in my life. It has allowed me to understand more about myself and about the way I
deal with everything around me. It gave me clarity and confidence to be myself and
respect my own needs and boundaries.
I would extremely recommend the course to everyone that is looking for some clarity
about their ownselves, it is a priceless journey. Brad and Caroline gave me support
throughout this process and I can not express how grateful I am about it. Thanks,
Thanks, Thanks.” ~ F.S. – Queensland, Australia.

Constellation Workshops

“I did one workshop, and things in my life started to change pretty much soon after. My purpose became irrelevant as I experienced an internal happiness which radiated all around me and engulfed me with a calmness that I had never experienced before. The workshop had activated a trust in myself.” – I – Australia

“I was able to clear up draining family expectations, perceptions and burdens. The system brought to my awareness the paradigm that was operating in my family. With others (people) playing a role of my family members, I was able to get to the root of the problem where I might not have done so through other means of therapy.” – GF – Australia