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Our message for the year 2020



Welcome, this is The Ancestral Medicine Women and this is our humble message for this year 2020.

This year, just by its title 20-20 is a year that has the possibility of symmetry and also a certain orderliness, a certain rhythm to that. So, there is a potential for symmetry in rhythm.

Of course, the year has not started off with any kind of inkling of symmetry and rhythm. In fact, it has started off with only drama and that drama has been a continuation of events that have occurred in 2019 and then even further back from that.

So, the year itself has started off on this very tense, intense energy. If there is a potential for symmetry and for rhythm and yet it has started off in this way of being very intense, very dramatic with a lot of quite horrific things that have occurred then there is a gap, obviously.

What does that mean for the human group?

What it means for the human group is that there is an opportunity here, and really a need for resilience and adapting.

Resilience because with all of the events that have already taken place and with the forecast of events that are possible throughout this year and beyond, for the human group to survive they are going to have to keep getting up, every time they are pushed down, knocked down, they have to keep getting up.

Because a lot of the events that are occurring are human-induced events and by that we mean of course the general population, but we are also really focusing on the groups of people that are in charge, if you like, the leaders. And we are not just talking about governments, we are talking about corporations, we are talking about family groups, we are talking about schools, we are talking about the people that put themselves out the front and say: ‘Follow me!’

Those people have actually been leading in a direction that is possibly catastrophic.
Not just for the planet but for the human group itself.

So of course, the general group is following. The general group has allowed for this to happen. The general group has said: ‘Yes. you go ahead and lead I don’t want to do it!’ The general group has voted these people in.

The general group has continued to support, financially, ethically, morally, energetically, companies, corporations that are actually causing enormous, catastrophic situations.

So, the general group is as at fault as the ones that they are putting out there or the ones that are stepping up to lead.

But let’s go back to the leaders.

The leaders are leading the human group into series of events that are dangerous, dramatic, lack compassion, often appear to lack thought and are proving in many cases are proving to be catastrophic on many different levels. This is why the general group has to keep getting up.

They have to keep standing up and when we say that, it’s standing up to say ‘No’ then you get knocked down. Standing up to say ‘No, this is me’ so there is this element of resilience where you are as the general group taking your autonomy. Taking your own personal sovereignty.

Now when we say that, it doesn’t mean that anarchy is going to rein. We are not suggesting anything to do with anarchy because even if you are honouring the sovereignty of yourself, honouring the sovereignty of yourself means that you are honouring the sovereignty of others.

But groups of people have to move together if they are going to survive and more importantly on top of that if they are going to thrive.

So, we are suggesting that resilience, the constant getting up, every time you are knocked down, getting up and supporting others to get up, supporting communities to get up and to say: “No this is not the way that we want to go!’.

We want you to lead, because we don’t want to lead, we want you to lead but we want you to listen and we want you to look. So, we don’t want you to listen so that you can react, or listen so that you can give us a response, we want you to listen so that you are getting information. And that information is going to be processed, thought about and then turned into something this is understood, given back to the larger group for discussion for thoughts and then that process occurs.

That is true democracy.

Now democracy has been developed into a way that is manageable and many countries have a form of democracy which is seen as, there are a couple of political parties and they’re populous votes for them and one of them will get in. There are other parties but there are the main parties and that’s what we call democracy. That works, that can work if the people that are being elected listen for information and don’t listen so they are getting ready to make a response.

Because they haven’t heard a thing and therefore, they can’t act appropriately.

So, when we talk of resilience, that’s what we are talking about. You keep getting up. You keep bringing yourself up, you keep finding it in yourself to keep going and in that you are gathering your own autonomy as a human being and you are really saying: ‘I am a sovereign being and I am going to manage in this situation, no matter what.’

And in that: ‘No matter what’ by my continuously being resilient, keep standing up, you always keep going, making the situation better, learning from the situation, seeing different ways to go. In that way that is my voice to my leaders to say: ‘No. What you have done is not what we have asked for. It is not appropriate. Listen for information and work out what is the best thing that we, as the people, the common group are telling you and are trying to impart this information to you. Listen for information and then come back with a response.’

So, this is resilience, it’s going to be one of the key aspects of human change is this resilience, in this form. We are not just getting up and doing the same thing again and again. We are getting up and you are learning. You’re changing. You’re speaking out. You’re demanding different things. You are expecting to be listened to and you are expecting those things that are being heard and understood for information, are going to be acted on in some way.

Now of course, there are very few people out there that expect that a government can do this for that person, this for that person and this for that person. A democracy cannot run that way. It has to be for the benefit of the greater group, not just the individuals, but the greater group.

But as more and more events occur, that greater group is going to start to band together.

What looks like now is a division is actually going to being these people together. The great group will slowly be brought together because all of these events are going to start to look the same. The same reasons. The same atrocities. The same catastrophes are going to keep occurring and the people, the greater group of people are going to start realising that event that happened there in that third world country is now happening here in this first world country.

And those in the third world countries are now donating money so the people in this first world country can survive. (Vanuatu to Australian Bushfires) It’s not the other way around all the time anymore.

And that is the thing that is going to start to look like:

‘Oh my goodness, we actually all want the same thing, even though we are different religions, we are different colours, we speak different languages. We have different socio-economic levels. We are, as a human group wanting the same thing.’

And as that starts to happen the resilience of that larger group will start to build up to a much more cohesive movement.

That’s what we are talking about when we are talking about resilience.

The other thing that we spoke about is adapting. And this is part of the resilience.

When you fall down, when you are pushed down, whatever it is and when you stand up and if you continue to do the same thing, you are not being resilient in a conscious fashion. You are just getting up.

You get up and you look around and you find out: ‘How can I as an individual in my small space make this work. Make this a better situation not just for me, but for the group?’ and you adapt and you keep adapting.

Every time you fall down and you get up, you look, you study, you work things out and you adapt.

That is actually what we are asking the leaders to do. You have to do it as well.

You cannot expect them to do it. You have to do it as well and you are going to have to lead it.

The common group of humans is going to have to lead that particular movement. Resilience and Adapting.

This takes a lot of strength and it takes a lot of thought and it takes a lot of patience and it takes a lot of courage with the group to work together.

So, a message for 2020, two zero, two zero is: Resilience and Adapting

Thank you,

Ancestral Medicine Women, 2020.


Image thanks to  Big Ben in Japan [CC BY-SA (] First sunrise of 2020 on Lake Suw with Yatsugatake: January_2020