Ancestral Medicine Women

The Medicine Women

Hello everyone, as all our work is channeled, it is in audio and sometimes video format. This page offers insights into each of our healing domains and also a glimpse or idea of the Mother’s life, the time they lived in, and their healing specialisation.

The main areas of healing we work include:

Seering – Represented by Mother Tombia
Song – Represented by Mother Emily
Shamanic – Represented by Mother Sha-Riah
Story – Represented by Mother Reese
Structure – Represented by Mother Iwana
Hand Healing & Energy – Represented by Mother Ithica
Herbalists – Represented by Mother Bonniface

Seering introduction by Mother Tombia

Healing with Song introduction by Mother Emily

Herbalist introduction by Mother Bonnieface

There are many of the Ancestral Medicine Women (Mothers)  not included here.

Mother Tombia – Latvian – A  Seer.

Mother Sha-Riah – Shaman, Siberia – Shamanic Tradition

Mother Rhianna – Scottish, healed with herbs, plant reverence.


Mother Clarisse –  Her gift was seeing GOD in nature and transferring this to people in need of healing. “My favourite thing was to be in the field…my calling to God was through nature, but as a Nun”


Mother Meg – (poor audio – play low volume) – A woman of the forest, 3-4 generations after the Normans invaded England. Lived with her Grandmother and Aunt in the woods. People came to them secretly for healing, as the Christian religion was becoming very strong, smothering any concept that God was in all things. She embraced the universal energy in all things, even stone and rocks, and everything and person was GOD. A time for old medicine to go into hiding.


Mother Elsbeth – Healed with her bosom, love and hope.


Mother Bethania


Mother Lily – England, cultivated herbs.


Mother Bonn (poor audio, but interesting)


Mother Erith – Strength.

Mother Erith’s message for modern day people:


Mother Sroya – A direct cousin to Mother Erith, was a hand-healer like her as well, which they inherited from their Grandmother. Mother Erith discovered for her that tapping helped her diagnose and heal.


Mother Treeball – Came to the realisation later in life that her gift in the acquisition of healing knowledge spread in her group spontaneously, without contact. This was her healing for the family and her nomadic clan.


Mother Anna-Frid – snippet


Mother Marigold – Healed with Heart!


Mother Rebbecca – Healed with Story


Mother Isabel – Lived in a settled agricultural community in Germanic area, close to scandanavia. Healer of the village, skilled with herbs and could see different colours off an ailment and corresponding colours from plants that could offer the best treatment, within even the same species, for the patient at hand.


Mother Sha-riah – This Mother was a shaman, and believed very much that animals had energies which could heal and balance. She believed man’s desires corrupted him, claiming more than his share. Wolf and Mole-like power/healing animals.

> More on her life


Mother Larissa – Settled in a harsh island community/tribe/clan. Vegetables did not grow well in this windy environment, so they had to adapt to more bounty from the sea!


Mother Milamass – she is very old, you’ll even need to be patient with this recording, bless her! Some of us wish we could see, have insight into many things, Mother Milamass had this, but it was never easy…


Mother Elsbeth – “from the Australian Branch” – survival in the harsh Australian bush with limited healing knowledge. But she was surprised what was innate….


Mother Cora – Scandanavian – Healed with scrying water and tonics. She dsicovered withn time her energised water was more effective than the herbal tonics!


Mother Egberta – one of the hidden healers in the village, she kept the knowledge alive. She is essentially a mother who passed on her healing knowledge discretely, as women were not allowed to practice herb-craft by the church, and only men were to work in the apothecary. These men were ironically taught by the women.