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Healing and Transformation Planner

This our healing and transformation planner.

If you have tried to fix parts of your life, or even parts of an organisation, you will know how hard it can be to get ‘resolved, robust results.’

We wish you all the very best in your healing and transformation!

PDF format:

Transformation Planner with MP3 audio support and links to lectures:  Transformation Planner with MP3 audio support

Or in a list, best see above pdf image to see how it works in circles/cycles first and then come back to this list.

(1) Discomfort, dis-ease and a “knowing” that life can be lived better
(2) Defining the “New State of Being”
(3) Clarity What?
(4) “The Why”: why that illness, why that emotion, why that, that & that?
(5) Good thought and epiphanies, even small healings
(6) Improved clarity and small resolutions gives rise to new choices and freedoms.
(7) Some physical improvements or gains
(8) Set back: still experiencing the old problem or aspects
(9) “Point of in-comprehensibility” – Feeling confused, chaos, trauma, so hopeless one can even be feeling suicidal. “Crisis point” – feeling like you’re back at the start

– this is the 1st test, most healing fails here.

(10) Analysis & cohesive understanding of the “New State of Being.”
(11) Absorption of possibilities
(12) Resolve inter-related points

(13) Sickness, Trauma, distraction, confusion, irritation – diversive strategies to return to “safe old ways.”

– 2nd Test: integrate or go back to start

(14) Recalibrate and integrate
(15) Evolving “New State of Being”
(16) “Action” and “Taking it to the world”

“Work With Yourself – public lecture over an teleconference.

Lecture 1- 1:40 min
Lecture 2- 50 min
Lecture 3 – 23 min

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