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Healing and Transformation Planner

This page manages version control of a lecture series which became a healing and transformation planner.

Channeled work brings to man what is on the very edge of man’s consciousness, and as consciousness changes, so will this planner. We aim to bring clients and other healers ‘clarity’, and that includes what is right out on the edge of consciousness – all being appropriate and nourishing for man at this time.

If you have tried to fix parts of your life, or even parts of an organisation, you will know how hard it can be to get ‘resolved, robust results.’

This planner breaks out all the steps, so you can discover where you are at, and what to go for next. This goes beyond the superficial comprehension of creating change and will take a few revisits before you grasp it. Call Brad or Caroline if you need a bit of support getting started.  Australia +61 (0)401155484 – hours 8am 6pm AEST.

We wish you all the very best in your healing and transformation!

PDF format:

Overview of three stages of the planner with links to lectures:  Transformation Planner overview

Transformation Planner with MP3 audio support and links to lectures:  Transformation Planner