Ancestral Medicine Women

What We Do…

We consult to people, families and businesses looking to move past issues and problems that baffle.  We also train medicine women and men to develop their innate healing ability. Further more, as you’d expect from a consulting partner, we publish, post and record materials that posture our approach, insight, clarity and scope of how you can get the most out of life.

‘We specialise in elusive and problematic situations.’

Usual forms of engagement with individuals and groups include:


Individual Healing and Transformation Consultations:


Group talks and lectures:


Group Healing:


Courses and Training:

  • Shamanic Education (example)
  • MindBody Constellation Facilitation Training
  • Personal exploration courses in development


 ‘True healing is robust, it lasts and lasts. With work you can move past this thing that sits between you and the life you could be living…’

You may have tried many ways to resolve your situation. You find yourself yearning for a better life, you are ready and willing to resolve the issue. You know there is a more fulfilled life waiting for you on the other side of the problem.  This is where we do our best work!


Live interaction with Source and Hundreds of Wise Medicine Women:

All of our work is done live, over Skype, or Phone. These video formats allow a full experience of the power of these sessions.


Channeled Consultations with the Ancestral Medicine Women
Channeled consultations usually take between 30-90 minutes to complete.  The consultation begins with a brief discussion with Brad and Caroline of the situation or issue to help clarify the question. Once the Mothers begin channeling many possibilities become evident.  (Please see below for detailed information regarding these possibilities).

The aim of the first consultation is for clarity, awareness and direction of, and for change.  Subsequent consultations develop on this and go progressively deeper until your points of healing are reached.

Akashic Record Analysis
Channeled Akashic readings delve into the gossamer threads that make up the connections, directions, stories and desires of your current existence and the past existences that have got you to the life you are living today.  The Akash is not just about your past lives but instead holds documentation of the energies that you have created in past and present existences through connections and actions.  These are the energies that may be driving you today, or can be retrieved to serve you better today.

MindBody Constellations

Channeled Constellations are used to get stale pockets of energy moving, or blocking unsupportive energy from your Ancestors, as well as addressing excluded, suppressed and denied aspects of your being that sometimes need balancing to help your whole being work well. It does not matter how they got there, you now desire to move on, so let’s balance these to support your healing.

Channeled Constellations  are done live or on-line, both are effective and powerful. We have completed hundreds of these, for individuals and business, and all of these have been impressed with the accuracy and conceptualisation of the matter at hand. Blocking energies are released and you are guided to run with putting emphasis on a few certain threads of thought and action that will catalyse continued change. Our Facebook page and conversation on this modality… click ;>here < (opens new window.)

Shamanic Consultations

Shamanism is dated to more than 120,000 years old. It was a very reliable source of support when groups of people were mobile/nomadic, and we now support clients with both Shamanic insights, and healing and journey work support, in-line with the new consciousness that humans are yearning. Many Mothers were Shamans and we draw their combined experience to punch through the road blocks in your journey and furthermore, as they are on the other-side of the veil, they see your enormity, your desired purpose, your play in the spirit world. This is not outside the box, we collapse the box to a multidimensional plane.  Brad is an initiated apprenticed Shaman, he can help you with getting started with this transforming modality. More shamanic information:  > here <

Experience the Ancestral Medicine Women*:

Contact Brad with any questions you have. Doing this, you will at least walk away with a profound understanding of your healing needs and it’s participating dimensions.


* Interactive and Conferring:  Opening up a dialogue with hundreds of Medicine Women residing in Source is a unique experience. Ask your question, watch things move within you, experience new clarity and hope, this is a common experience for many during their consultations. Imagine going to hospital and your situation is such that it cannot be dealt with by one doctor. Consequently, you are interviewed by all of the consulting staff in the facility, all at the same time, conferring amongst each other, “Have we thought of this, did we check on that?”. In essence, this is what happens when you are seen by the Mothers, you are screened by hundreds of healers who are compelled to heal, compelled to see you get the relief you seek. And not being limited by linear time, they have as long as they need to dig to the root causes of your situation and then onward to discover and suggest pathways to healing that suit your consciousness.

Multiple strand Approach:

On outset, you are always brought to a point of clarity about your situation. The pathway to healing for each person from there is always different. We are all unique, so is your healing. Therefore we use a mix of strands, bespoke to your consciousness.

Consultation conversations with the Ancestral Medicine Women is a major theme that helps people.
Akashic readings might be used to help a person comprehend what led them to this life and in-part why they elected to experience this life, and it’s lessons.
Channeled Constellations are used to getting stale pockets of energy moving, or blocking unsupportive energy from your Ancestors. Times are always changing. You might be ready to accept your own paradigm, with inflicted energies and expectations.

Profound Healing & Training – From Source – Facilitated by Hundreds of Medicine Women