Ancestral Medicine Women

“I had understood something: The own way is for everyone the right one. Any deviation from it alienates him from himself, from his satisfaction, his strength and his deepest bliss. Basically one has no choice as following their own path, even if one thinks that one might, should or has to deviate from it. Maybe one thinks that another way could be easier or more fulfilling, or that the goal, where it leads to, would be higher or could carry us even beyond ourselves in the end. But the other way can only be walked by someone whose way it actually is. Only he is in harmony with himself on this road and has from there the strength, courage and the willingness, to walk it. “

~ Bert Hellinger , his autobiography: “My life, my work.

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Brad Dunn / Hinorayam

Hi, I'm Brad.
The Ancestral Medicine Women are a lineage of healers from my Mothers ancestral line, and I'm delighted to be able to share the experience of these amazing people from our past.
I am an apprenticed shaman and healer. I have more than 10 years consulting experience, and a love for spirit, gardening, farming and people.