Ancestral Medicine Women

The Empathic Path

There are more empaths on earth now than ever before. Do you know why, really?

The Ancestral Medicine Women (aka The Mothers) are a group of  healers, a lineage of women, who walked the plains and hills of Siberia, Russia, Northern Europe and the British Isles.  They have stayed together as a group because of their compulsion to heal and grow, and they are channeled as this collective group. From their experience of being human, they are very interested in the human group, and what it will choose in the coming years, in the chaos of corrupted governments, flawed democratic systems and degradation of the environment through mindless consumption and greed.  They clearly see empaths playing a crucial role in this choice.

In the making of this series on the Empath, clarifying both its definition and the concepts that pervade the experience of an empath, we have been really moved to see the Ancestral Medicine Women come to tears in hope and wonderment of what the human group will choose at the precipice we stand on. Only humans can choose. What will they choose? They see the empaths as the un-sung heroes/heroines of what will unfold. Some maybe lauded, however the vast majority of empaths that have come to work for the human group may never be recognised for what they are about to accomplish.

If you’re an empath and you’re reading this, well this is your time. All you have endured and all you will endure is a service of light and healing. The work that we present here is aimed at making your service as light filled and meaningful as possible. We also aim to bolster you with self clarity, suggest ways to clear energy, to tune in on your empathic talent, and taking that to the world, “sung or un-sung”,   in a meaningful, purposeful, and expanding experience that moves the whole human group.


We aim, in these materials, to be the first to really illuminate this whole topic of being a functioning empath.

Let’s start:

What is an empath?

Why are there more empaths in the world right now as a percentage of population?

The key concepts of the living as an empath in this busy modern world include:

  1. The Knowing
  2. The Clearing
  3. The Tuning
  4. The Functioning
  5. Your place in the world.

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