Ancestral Medicine Women

Course: Divine your spirit animal guides

Spirit Animal Guides have a special place in our shamanic lineage. The experience is very intimate and that’s just the start.

The depth of the journey with spirit animals is only limited by the depth you can go.

Bringing your spirit animals close offers many benefits, but the first is as teachers, guides and fellow travelers. This might seem trivial to the passer-by, but make no mistake, the connection with your spirit guides is one of the most intimate experiences in life, really! They remain with you for your whole life, and offer a perspective from a different angle. They are true friends that show up when asked and never judge you.

A foundation for this course is this story from our line which helps builds the physical and spiritual aspects of animals in a shamanic way of life. The story of Igryn: 1 hour and 7 minutes long, so get a cuppa or sit back and shut your eyes.

A typical day is :
* one meditation
* 3 journeys
* and BYO lunch to share.

(Discount for Cairns Spiritual Centre Members)

Contact Brad with your interest in this and the next course dates on Zoom.

We always hope to bring you the most accurate understanding and clarity, so you have more to work with and it just more meaningful for you and your journey.