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Your Life as a Maze
Life can be like a maze. We follow a path only to come to a dead-end, discovering, perhaps, that it was not our path at all, and have to now look for another path. Or, we may come to an obstacle in our life-maze, and we have to stop and work out the best possible path to take from there to reach our own personal version of freedom.

This may mean re-tracing the steps that got us to this point. Or, it may mean pushing through the obstacle, crushing it, suppressing it, but still moving forward. Or, it may mean that we stay there, bewildered, stuck to the spot, not understanding or wanting to know what to do, or how we even got to this part of the maze.

Any one of these possibilities can happen to anyone, at different times in their life, and for different situations. There isn’t really a particular model that fits any one person all of the time. You might say, well Mothers, I always look for the cause of my obstacle/problem/issue, and we would say, but do you always know what your obstacles are? It might not seem like a life problem, inhibitor or obstacle, because at this stage of your life perhaps it is not, maybe you have got plenty of other things to be getting on with. The point is not to know what your “go to” position is, but to know that your responses to different aspects of your life are variable, and that means that you need to have a tool box of helping/healing possibilities.

Survive or Thrive
However, there is one general guide to life that will always help you in your life-maze, and understanding this about yourself, and knowing how to access these attributes of the self can be life-saving. The guide is two-pronged, they are related but very different and throughout history have been employed simultaneously and consecutively. What is this guide? It is the “survive or thrive” imperative.

Imagine a tribe, we will call them Tribe One (T1), they live in total harmony, with each other, and their environment. One day a new tribe arrives, we will call this tribe, Tribe Two (T2). Now T1 has two options, they can see T2 as a threat to survival, or an opportunity to thrive. However, what if T2 sees T1 as a threat to survival, but T1 sees T2 as a thriving partner; or vice versa?

This scenario has been seen throughout human history. Invaders have come to claim already inhabited lands for riches, power, and national ego. The inhabitants welcome them as equals and an opportunity to thrive only to be enslaved, or killed, and their society and culture degraded and/or lost forever.

As the healers of ourselves, any obstacle is an opportunity to create the space to thrive within. That is, when an obstacle appears that threatens the harmony of the self, it can be crushed, ignored, suppressed, or repressed, so that the organism can survive in it’s current state, or it can be incorporated and learnt about giving an opportunity to thrive. Everyone has the choice of surviving or thriving. Neither option is easy, but where survival actions narrow and focus, thriving actions broaden and grow.

Survival actions can cause repetition of obstacles in the life-maze, which in-turn can cause stagnation of soul and spirit growth. Thriving actions cause integration and development, and whilst the obstacles may repeat, at every step there is a conscious evolution of change, and understanding of the self.

Planet Earth is designed to thrive. The natural world is designed to thrive, even in the harshest of climates it adapts and develops mechanisms to thrive. We are part of the natural world of Planet Earth, and are, therefore, designed to thrive. We, however, have been gifted with so much more than just an ability to adapt and develop mechanisms to thrive. We have been given the choice of surviving or thriving.

Which will you choose?

The Ancestral Medicine Women (channeled through Caroline Allinson-Dunn).

All rights reserved 2015 Brad and Caroline Dunn.

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