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“It’s interesting when people ask that question because they assume that it is something that can be given to them, something that is outside of them, something that will appear before them, but the purpose of the human life, you could even say a human doesn’t have a purpose because existence itself, existence in the human form is a purpose.

What the person does with that, that’s the important thing, not what is their purpose.

People that look and look and look for their purpose rarely find it because they are always looking out their trying to find. You know these people they search and they search, they do this course and they do that course and they have this and they have that, but they never actually get to a purpose.

So the word purpose is possibly, we don’t want to say the wrong word, but it is a limiting word, because when you say, “What is my purpose?” that question tends to have this bias towards one thing. That one thing could be quite broad, very broad. So we would urge you to put that word aside and not to look out there for what is my purpose, what is my life, but actually start to ask yourself:

“What do I want. What do I want to do?”

…because as a human, a part of your purpose if you like, is to exercise your choice, your ability to choose.

So if you look at your talents, if you really looked at your talents and you were honest about your talents you would have, and if you put one on each page, you would have several pages of your talents.

This is what confuses people, because ‘I’m good at that”, “I’m good at that” but “I am not great at anything” and they never will be great at anything because they keep looking at all of these disparities. Some of them might gel together and some of them might be separate. But at some point you have to choose, and whatever you choose you will find that all of the other things will actually support that choice because they are actually not disparate because they are part of who you are.

So we would urge you to exercise your ability and your gift of choice. Look at what you do, what you want, what you have, what you like, your gifts, what you’re good at, what you’re not so good at.

An interesting note here is that sometimes people want what they are not so good at, they want that to be their purpose. And so they will spend time and energy on that, which is perfectly fine if that’s their choice, if that’s what they choose. But the most important thing is to choose with a level of consciousness that understands that the sailing may not be clear. That there will be ups and downs, there will be sideways moves and in that is the journey. In that is the excitement, in that is the adventure, in that is the purpose.

If you really want to know what your purpose is, your purpose is the adventure of life, the journey, that’s the purpose. So if you really have to have a purpose, the journey is the purpose.”

~ “Moonshine” A most fantastic Akashic reader who is channeled by Caroline.
All rights reserved 2019

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