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So welcome.

In our last circle, we looked at this idea of peace, but not just this peace where there is a calmness within and there is this beautiful feeling of bliss and ‘harmony’, but actually there is this idea where peace with brought within or created within and it actually expands.  So in this space of this peace, there is this energy of openness and expansion so that there are many possibilities, and the people in the circle really experienced that. They had experiences of the bliss, the calmness and feeling good about themselves, about their lives, yes, but also they had this feeling of freedom. They had this feeling that they were like a bird, with the wings wide and they could soar and be free in the air and free in the space that they were in.

So people really had this experience of expansion from within, to the point where they felt this incredible power, and it wasn’t a power that was oppressive or destructive, rather a power that was no just empowerment or just a feeling of empowerment that they felt, but there was this feeling of this infinite power, that they had somehow in their peace had been able to connect with that, had been able to meet with that and be at one with that, to experience that.

There was a feeling of freedom, and a feeling of this idea of empowerment, but also of power and that idea that it is there for you to access, for you to really bring into yourself and really allow to come out of yourself that idea of your own power. Again, not a power to oppress or be destructive to other or your environment, but a power that you just walk tall, that you feel that you have ability and capability, the strength and the courage to do what you need to do, to do what you want to do.

So it was very much this experience that people had of peace and then peace filling them up so much that the became like these birds with the unfurled wings that could be free and they had this feeling of expansion, and the possibilities that were there and available to them an were actually no probable and they were possible for them.

It was a very beautiful journey that we all experienced together and there were a lot of similarities in the group, there was a lot of crossing over of imagery, and of experience which is always fascinating, especially in this time because everybody is in different places around Australia, they are not in the same room. Yet still, they are having similar animals or the same animal in the journey, crossing over, having the same experiences; being in the same places, or experiencing similar things, so it’s really a fantastic experience for people to have a journey together where not only are they feeling and experiencing what the journey was about, in this instance, it was about peace and then this expansion from that, but also they are experiencing and journeying with people that are not anywhere near them, but they are having similar experiences. It’s a very community building, there is a feeling of social equity, a feeling where people are being connected in that energetic spirit world and they are feeling it, they are being with other people, it’s really a very beautiful experience.

So hopefully you are able to experience or understand this concept of the peace, bringing that peace within you or creating it within yourself and then allowing it to open you up, expand you to the many infinite possibilities of the world around you.

Many blessings to you and thank you so much,

Mother Sha-Riah


Photo thanks to Bengt Nyman / CC BY 2.0

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