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“To do your work.”
Welcome, this is The Ancestral Medicine Women and many blessings to you all, thank you for listening.
Something we want to talk about and it is a topic that we have been pushing, if you like, for a long time, well for always… is that for each of you “To do your work.”
Everybody has work to do on themselves. There is not one human being alive that doesn’t have work to do on themselves. Lots of people think that the work is at the very superficial level, like getting a better job, or better qualifications, and finding the right partner – ‘the one’, having the car and the house and all of these sorts of things, that they’re doing their work. They’re doing their work to get those things, to make their life better – whatever that means to them.
For some people that is all they can see, they can’t see anything else. But for those that can see, and the people that come to this page or website, they can see, so these are the people that we are talking to.
You’ve got work to do and it’s important that you are always on it. Now that work that you’re doing might be something that is very personal to you, might be something you see out in the community, it might be something to do with the environment, it might be healing others, it doesn’t matter what that work is, but when you think of doing your work, whatever your work is, always look at it from your point of view – this is your work.
If you are healing somebody and you are a healer and you spend your life healing people – that’s your work. What we mean by that is, it’s not just your paid work, it’s not just the thing that motivates you, it’s your life work. So within your healing work there is work for you to do on yourself.
There are very few healers really, anywhere in the world where their healing does not have an effect on them at some level. So you are always doing your work in that moment.
The thing is to be conscious of your work. It’s not really enough to do that work whether its working in the environment, healing the environment, healing people, whatever it is for you, it’s not enough to say, “As I am doing this, this work, I am also working on myself. I don’t know what I’m working on myself but I know that I am working on myself”. It’s not enough, there has to be a conscious understanding of the self. When you are working on, or with someone else knowing that you are also working on yourself, what is it that you are working on?
The reason that we say this is so important, because if you don’t know what you are working on yourself but working with or on somebody else or something else, there’s a possibility of damage because you don’t really know what you are doing.
You think you know what you are doing, but we would suggest that really you don’t know. “I let the spirits do it”. “I don’t do it the spirits do it”. “The spirit comes through me and they do it”. “The spirit guides do the work”. Well that is all very good but you are the embodiment of that, you are the one here enacting.
You are the physical being allowing that to happen. So in that allowing to happen, you really need to know and to understand and to care about what you are working on yourself.
When you are working on the environment, working on another person healing, or whatever your strength or motivation or work is, it’s important that you don’t just do it at that superficial level where you abrogate your responsibility, you abrogate your control to the spirit guides and so on. We are not saying don’t use the spirit guides, what we are saying is…

“Know precisely what is happening.”

What precisely is happening to you, to the person and how you are both benefiting from that. And what it is actually that you’re working on? What healing that person is giving you? When you are working is it giving you a feeling of power, or is it giving you a feeling of satisfaction, is it giving you a feeling of love, is it giving you a feeling of worth fullness? What is it giving you? Because that is what that person is getting.
You need to acknowledge that you are actually getting something from this, and that thing is your work. So if you are feeling that you’re getting worthfulness from this experience this interaction, that could very well be your worth – the worth of yourself in your physical embodiment, that you are worth something.
If you acknowledge that is going to mix with that person, or that environment or that thing that you are working on, that thing that you are working with then you have to think about how is that being worked on positively.
So, as always, our message is get on with your work. Do your work, and know what your work is, and don’t try and give it to somebody else. Don’t say that this is not me, this is just the spirit. Of course it is you, you are the embodiment, you are the vessel, you are as important to this moment as the spirit guide, as the spirit, as the person or whatever it is that you are working on, you are as important.
And it’s very important that you understand that, and you do your work.
Thank you.
The Mothers

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