Ancestral Medicine Women

This story comes from a time before “Yggdrasil”, the tree of life. The “Lament Tree” came first… and this is how this story starts and how man came to adapt, heal and learn. Shamanically, the story leads you to learn to interface with the natural world, to teach yourself.

This story unfolded in the forth lecture by Mother Sha-Riah, from the lecture series on the shamanic tradition (Northern European).

Mother Sha-Riah is channeled by Caroline for us, she is from our family ancestral healing line, who lived her whole life as a shaman in a nomadic clan.

If you have an inclination to explore the shamanic tradition of Northern Europe, this story will help you expand your knowledge of how our ancestors embraced the sacred fire in ceremony and shamanic healing and development.

A question from the group answered:  Plant and tree Vibration – individual and collective.

A question about changing water or things with pure intent:


The full lecture is below.



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Brad Dunn / Hinorayam

Hi, I'm Brad.
The Ancestral Medicine Women are a lineage of healers from my Mothers ancestral line, and I'm delighted to be able to share the experience of these amazing people from our past.
I am an apprenticed shaman and healer. I have more than 10 years consulting experience, and a love for spirit, gardening, farming and people.