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The Mind Prism
We would like you to imagine that you have a triangular prism in the middle of your forehead. Now focus on that prism, what is it doing? Is it staying completely still, is it spinning (which direction is the spinning – clockwise or anti-clockwise?), is it pulsing, glowing, changing colour, disappearing and reappearing, or moving up and down?

Any of these possibilities can tell you something about yourself, and/or a pressing issue in your life. Now, we do not like to generalise because every person is unique, and therefore every presentation of the prism will be specific to that person’s interpretation, expression and understanding of their existence. However, we can offer broad stroke possibilities, a way for you to discover the kind of presentation you may favour, and how you can use the prism for personal healing.

If your prism was:

1. Completely Still – this suggests a certain intensity of thought, you see life as a serious enterprise and spend a considerable amount of time thinking about the many facets of it. It could also suggest that you are stuck; stuck in a moment, a situation, a thought, or problem. You may spend a lot of time thinking about it, but you are unable to move into action, your intensity keeps you stuck.

2. Spinning – this suggests a certain zest for life, you like constant movement, it brings joy to your life, and as a result you bring joy to others. It could also suggest that whilst you are moving a lot, you are staying in the one spot, spinning around and around. You are moving backwards (anti-clockwise), or forwards (clockwise) around an issue, but you are staying on the same spot. There is a lot of activity, a lot of talk, a lot of investigation, but it is not going anywhere.

3. Pulsing – this suggests that you have a light to shine, you like to help and be of service to others, and that you come in and out of it as required. It could also suggest that whilst you have a light to shine, and you probably know what that light is, it may be difficult to control, or you do not feel that it is true or real ( a common healer dilemma), you are frightened of it’s, and therefore your, power, or you do not feel ready to have that light shine back onto you, and expose your true self to the world.

4. Glowing – this suggests a certain serenity of being, and around your life situations. You are content and happy with your existence, and with those around you, you live for light. It could also suggest that you are living in a world of denial. If everything has a rosy glow then the world will be alright, and whilst there is nothing wrong with that on a universal scale, it could have serious repercussions on the individual scale. If you choose to view the world through a glowing light, the fullness of life may escape you, and this will bring its own set of problems.

5. Changing Colour – this suggests that you are experiencing life in technicolour. For you, life is vibrant, awe-inspiring, wonderous; and you are too. Life is an adventure and you are going to live it! It could also suggest that by filling your life with adventures you are externalising your experience of life, filling your life with sensations perhaps to cover for an internal unsure-edness. Am I enough? Is there anything inside of me? If I do go inside, what am I going to find? I feel there is a darkness inside of me, and I do not want to go there.

6. Disappearing and Reappearing – this suggests that you have a busy and purposeful life. You are here to serve, you are generous with your time, and dedicated to your cause. It could also suggest that you are facing and then hiding from your own personal issues, problems, needs and desires. By filling your life with purposeful activity, your personal concerns become irrelevant, insignificant in the face of larger community needs, trivial, and even a luxury, one that you are not worth.

7. Moving Up & Down – this suggest that you have a lot of energy for life. You like to move and be active and incorporate others into this activity. You are an embracer of people, and a community builder. It could also suggest that whilst there is a lot of movement and activity, when it comes to personal issues you make a lot of noise, and move quite a bit, but you remain on the spot. You have a need for movement so it looks like you are developing and evolving around issues, but you are jumping up and down on them trying to crush them, to eradicate them.

Using the prism for personal healing:

A simple technique for understanding the self and to clarify an issue, problem, need, desire, action, question or thought is to do as we first suggested, and focus on a triangular prism in the
middle of your forehead. When you have a clear and in-focus picture of the prism, place your issue, problem, need, desire, action, question or thought into the prism and let it follow your
preferred expression (i.e.: the prism is spinning, completely still, and so on). At this point you can leave it there, in the prism, with the understanding that you require enlightenment at some
point, or you can stay with it and follow the path of the problem prism until you receive some clarity/understanding. Then you need to decide what you will do with the information – seek
professional help, endeavour to work on it yourself with the aid of your own knowledge and skills, ask for help from family, friends, or your community.

It needs to be noted, at this point, that different prisms may present for different problems. This suggests that around that particular issue you are that prism-way inclined. This in itself adds to the depth of understanding of the self around the issue, and this information alone can give you insight it. For example, instead of picturing the prism first, think of the issue, problem,
need, desire, action, question or thought first, and then allow a prism to develop around it.

A further aspect to note is that you may have combination prism presentations. For example, a spinning, glowing prism. The same analysis applies, but it is a combination of the two.


If your prism presentation is not explained here…

If you followed this exercise and found that your triangular prism presentation is not explained here, then feel free to contact the Ancestral Medicine Women at for personal analysis.

Many blessings to all of you that we find here today,
May the sun shine on your face and brighten your eyes,
May the air you breathe fill your being with life,
And, may the people you meet understand the essence of compassion.

The Ancestral Medicine Women channeled through Caroline Allinson-Dunn
~ (c) Copyright 2015 – All rights reserved 2015. Brad and Caroline Dunn.

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