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Making the most out of the time of life when you have the most to offer can be hard in a community that misunderstands the value of people at different times of life. Many women, and men, are looked up to for many years, but then family and society seems to move on, setting these wise, beautiful, and productive people adrift.



The “Crone Zone” is lecture series that addresses the value and nuances of mature humanity, which is so often overlooked by people and their communities, and how to create/enhance/get back into a meaningful life which expands your creativity, knowledge, beauty and wisdom. Get more connected with yourself, and become the person you feel you are in these changing times.

It seems that it is the women in a community who will act as the initial catalyst for change (listen to the lectures to find out why…), paving the way so that the broader group, including men, can follow in their own way.  Therefore, these lectures/talks are aimed at women, but all are welcome.

Crone Zone – Lecture One – “The Concept of Crone”

Crone Zone – Lecture Two – “Four Distinct Attributes of Health – in Crone Years”

Crone Zone – Lecture Three – “Leading and Mentor-ship as a Crone.”


January 2016:  Exercise – newletter article



May 2015 – Prior to Lectures:

Hear what the Ancestral Medicine Women have to say on this planned lecture series:


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