Ancestral Medicine Women

This short series of talks (The Crone Zone) has been channeled to encourage people in their mature years to take their role as a crone in the community.

Talk No.1 overview:


  • Crone has a bad connotation/stigma
  • A definition for Crone as a concept and a time of life
  • Realisation period
  • Transition period
  • Women have menopause as a signal of change, but what is the signal for men?
  • A time of leadership and mentoring
  • Unified leadership – concepts of matriarch and patriarch are things that have divided us in the past, and these are now not so strong, so both sides are now more compatible and can lead and mentor with a unified front to their community.


Crone Zone Talk 1.    (Transcript)

So, welcome to everybody. It’s such a lovely thing that you could all come and such a great group.

… In that regard, we are a lot different to a lot of channels because for many channels, and for us of course, it’s a very serious business bringing these messages from the ‘other side’ from ‘the beyond’ from ‘the cosmos’ ‘the universe’ whatever, but we like to have, for us, the thrill for us is not necessarily bringing message, but it’s the connections that we make with the people we are bringing the message to. We really love that and we get excited and sometimes we pick up on thoughts of people so we make the joke, generally, but it resonates with some people, so we like to have fun when we are in this environment.

And that’s what we want really to do with the Crone Zone, we want to have some fun because the name itself is a little bit irreverent, the Crone Zone it’s like you go to some restaurant or something and there is the kid’s zone – they go over there to play, right out of sight and the adults can be here and have their adult time together with the children being looked after.

So, it’s a little bit like that with the Crone Zone, here we are and we are going to have our own space and our own fun.

So, first of all we want to look at this, the word ‘CRONE” and the concept of the Crone first.

Many of you will know already, but we will just go over it. This concept of Crone or that word Crone is not really in use now, these more modern times, but not maybe a few hundred years ago it was very much in use, but of course like the word ‘spinster’ it is often used disparaging to describe a woman, right? When you look at those two words: ‘spinster’ and ‘Crone’ what is the thing that links then?

Well if you are a spinster you shouldn’t be having children, right because you are not married and it’s not morally and socially accepted. It is different now, we are talking before times and then Crone as well you have gone past that time of bearing children, so it really sets up that that time of life when you can bear children is the most important time and when you think that historically it was, because then you were saleable.

As a woman you were saleable, right. You weren’t saleable as a Crone except perhaps for household work or something but as a fertile female you had something that nobody else, males and the opposite sides of that time, nobody else had that, that was your power, right? Of course, that power was not for many women was not allowed to be used productivity for them they were just a pawn in somebody else’s power, if you like.

But it still gave the woman a certain ability to be in control of the self somewhat. So those two terms: ‘spinster’ and ‘Crone’ were used in a disparaging way, discriminatory really and you would be called an old Crone and that was meant to make you to feel that you were not worthy anymore, that you were actually taking up space.

So historically that idea of Crone has not a good wrap, that’s the word: not a good wrap, but more and more for us when we became in that Crone time, if you like, it really freed us, it freed us up. We could go and do more because you are a Crone because you are not so important and that means that you can actually, you have the freedom, nobody is watching you as much, you have the freedom to do what you want and in a way it’s different now in the modern times because women for example have got a lot more position in society, they are respected much more, not that they weren’t respected but it was a different expression of respect and there is an expectation just by women and governments, but also by society that women contribute productively to the economic aspect of life not just the physical aspect of life.

So for women it is different, but we come across so many women and men, actually who come to a period in their life where they may not have the expectations or conditions of motherhood, of being in a committed relationship or whatever and there seems to be this period in life where their life can be different and there are all of these different possibilities and what we find interesting about that is that it’s not just because the children have left home or because they’ve gone through their menopause, or because for men they don’t do that. We are talking men and women right now.

There is this period where something happens in humans. Whether you want to say it is spiritual, mental, emotional, physical it doesn’t matter but there is a period in time where they have grown up and then they go out into the world and they make their world, they make their career, they have relationships, they have children perhaps and then they sort of come to this point where that activity, that kind of activity is no longer necessary, but also, and this is the most important thing: It is no longer as meaningful, meaningful!

That’s the key that we believe, this word ‘MEANINGFUL’.

If we go back, let’s just digress on this, if we go back to before you were even born. Now some people believe that you choose to come. Some people believe that it’s just their biological, evolutionary imperative, pro-creation this is what happens. Some people believe that it is a spiritual, religious thing that. It doesn’t matter what you believe.

Then they come, they’re born and from the minute the human is born their meaning is imbued into their life, right. They find they understand that, let’s say their mother is breastfeeding or the bottle-fed, they understand the connection between that person whoever is the main carer and feeding, right. So, there is a meaning involved in that, so all through life, humans are striving to find meaning and if you look at,  if you just imagine there is a baby, and that baby does not register the meaning between the carer and feeding. They don’t register it. They don’t register that when the body is hungry and they cry and then somebody comes to feed them and then that settles down, they don’t register the meaning in that. It doesn’t compute to them that this means something.

Now just think about that for one moment.

Imagine you had a child like that! How difficult would it be to look after this child because they don’t see the meaning in this relationship between you as the carer, feeding them, looking after them and they would just lie there flat. There would be no registration of remembrance, communication. There would be nothing they would just lie there flat because there is no meaning. There’s no meaning in that relationship and that connection.

So, meaning, having a meaningful existence is very much a part of a human’s life.

So, then they go to school and again everything that they are taught, they are taught right, not just what they’re taught, but they’re taught that it has meaning and that’s important for your life. You MUST be able to read otherwise you can’t live in the world! You can’t exist in the world if you can’t read! You’ll never have a good life, you’ll never  have a la la. All of these things. It’s not just what people are taught or what they do in their life it’s the meaning that is embued in that.

So, then you go to work and you can’t get a job, right? So, what is the meaning of that? It’s not that you are not working – there is a meaning. Maybe you are not good enough, maybe you don’t have enough education. Maybe nobody likes you whatever, it doesn’t matter the meaning. So, all through life there is episodes of meaning and they are constant these episodes. But some episodes will be more important to you than they would be to your neighbour, your partner etc.

So, when you look at life there are these, it’s full of meaning so that means that our lives are meaningful. So, people say to us; “What is the purpose of my life? Where do I go from here? and what have you’. We are never really say to people: ‘This is the purpose of your life’, because we feel that this is something you have to find for yourself but we help you get there sometimes, but the main thing is that you’ve come, whether you decided to do it yourself or whether it was chance doesn’t matter.

You have come and even before you came, there was a meaning, right? so whether you decided you wanted to come or it was chance, but you meant to come. You meant to come, or your parents meant you to come.

So, all along there is this meaning. Meaning is so important in your life: to have a meaningful life.

And so that’s what we believe, this marks the changes in people’s lives, it is no longer important for example, you might be at university whatever and you go out into the workforce and you have lots of fund partying and lots of relationships, then all of a sudden you find the one person you want to actually be with. Now is it because you found the one person that you actually want to be with and so all of those other things, the partying and playing around is no longer meaning now. This is meaningful? or have you come to a period of your life where you realise that this is no longer meaningful for you but this type of thing is more meaningful right, who knows? It’s up to you to decide which way it is, chicken/egg or egg/chicken!

But then you see the meaning changes and then you would decide that you want to have children and then the meaning changes again etc etc and that’s what we believe happens into the Crone Zone. The meaning of your life changes….yes, you could go through menopause, yes for a man and maybe for a woman, the children have all left home maybe that the work that you do you are no longer able to do because maybe it’s very manual work and now you are fifty-fifty five and you can’t do that manual work now and you have to try something else.

This looks like this is what is changing in your life, but we would suggest to you that it is this idea of meaningful-ness. We are making this a word, right? Meaningful-ness in your life this has changed, so what does this mean because we have said it can happen for men and women, we’ve said that it doesn’t have to be that you have gone through menopause it can be some other signal, children leaving home, job change and what have you. These are signals that register to you, if you like that the meaning in your life is changing.

But what we find interesting about that is again: the chicken or the egg: the egg or the chicken? Did these things happen and that signalled to you that there is a change in the meaning of your life or have you decided somehow that something is going along and the meaning in your life is changing and so these things now are starting to…you make them occur if you like, so these signals actually, are your own creation. Your own creation.

Because lots of women they go through menopause and their children are still quite young! But do they become Crones right? Do they go into that period of the Cronedom? It’s an interesting thing to think about.

So now we look at what is the Crone time, the Cronedom.

For us it is very much, yes, it is a very different kind of meaning in your life and that meaning will be very individual just like your whole life has been very individual it will not be exactly this follows this pattern and what have you. But for us it is very much, if you like, certain parts to it.

The first part is the realisation. The realisation that the meaning in your life is different or there is a different emphasis in your life that things that were once incredibly important are no longer as important, right. Let’s say that you still have children and they are quite young and before you were making this transition, if you like, that to make sure that they all did lots of extra-curricular activities and they went to soccer and ballet and you were constantly driving around and taking them to this and that and then all of a sudden you think? ‘Why am I doing that, really? Why am I doing that? They don’t even like it and I am forcing them to go to these things. Why?’

And it’s not. they don’t like it that you come to this realisation, it’s because you actually question why you are doing all of these things that you are forcing yourself to continually make them active and what have you, meanwhile you sit in the car driving to all of these things. So, it actually brings the realisation that you are not being active. You are not acting in your life; you are acting for somebody else. Now we are not saying: ‘That’s wrong!’, we are just saying that this is an example of this realisation that the meaning in your life has changed. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your children anymore, of course not, but what it means is that you are sort of becoming, you are becoming separate, complete individual and not living your life for or through your children. This is just an example, by the way. It is not everybody.

And so, there is this realisation period and that is when people start to look around and they start to asses: ‘What am I doing? What have I done with my life? Here I am I’m fifty-fifty five and I’m not living the life that I thought I am going to live when I was 17/18. I am not doing the things I haven’t done the things that I thought that I would do. I haven’t, ok I had children that I love and I would never want to change that, or I was in a relationship, or I got caught in this particular career path because then it was fun. But now I am beginning to realise that actually there were things that I wanted to do or ways that I wanted to live and I let all of that get in the way from me doing that so there is this realisation period that comes for people and they start to actually look around and they start to view their life differently because of course as we are really ramming down everybody’s throats today: It has a different meaning. It’s not the same anymore.

And from that realisation that’s when people often start to go on a transformative path. They start to feel differently about so many things in their life and for some people that is a terrible thing because they have devoted so much of their lives perhaps to a cause, or to family what have you, and all of a sudden it’s not so meaningful anymore, or there is a different emphasis on their life and they can feel quite depressed, they can feel quite anxious, they can feel that they are not doing their job, that they are letting people down and so they is a real, for some people it can be quite an emotional period in their life but a negative emotional period.

For other people they see: ‘Oh, there is all these possibilities!’ so it’s different for different people.

So, there is this transformation period. After the realisation there is this transformation period and what we would suggest to you if you are in the realisation period, transformation period, whatever period you are in right now we are going to go on so you may already be through that so don’t worry, we won’t leave you out there in the wilderness, but at these two particular times we are very encouraging of people to let the process happen, right.

So let’s say you are in the realisation and you look around and things are different, it’s not the same anymore and you start to realise that what was important once, is not important anymore and why is that not important and you are looking around to all of these things you have in your life and you might see some as a burden, some you just don’t want there, whatever and we would just say to people: Just let that process happen, let that because it’s like, remember we said at school they are told this is what you have to know, but it’s not what they’re taught, the thing that they’re taught but it’s the fact that they’re being told it has a meaning for your life.

So it’s the same thing here: look at all of these things and as they will come into focus and they will move out of focus, in and out of focus and it’s like you let that process, natural process occur of the realisation, oh what’s that that’s not so meaningful and you let it wash out. So it’s like the ocean you are letting these things wash into you and you let them move through your body without fighting them, without getting upset and distressed that you’re not a good person, you’re not a good mother, you are not a good father, you’re not caring enough, you’re not loving enough, you’re not smart enough, you don’t have enough confidence. You are not good enough to be in the world, all of these things and you just let that flow like the waves on the shore back out.

So, it’s a very contemplative time. That’s what we are trying to say. It is a very contemplative time. If you can allow that energy to come in it will build up, right, this energy that we are talking about will comes in is not necessarily a negative energy but it’s a highly charged energy, right because you are being faced these things that you have spent energy on, that you have invested time and love and what have you and it’s coming at you and it’s like a big wave of emotion.

A very good example of that kind of thing for people who have had children. You know when the teenagers are going through that time when they just don’t like their parents and they want to blame them for their entire, for everything from climate change to human slavery, everything right? and when that happens to you, when you feel that, if you like assault, it’s like this wave and you feel so terrible because here you have, you have given, why are they being horrible to me, I have done so much and I have given them so much love and I thought if I gave them this much love and this wouldn’t happen and it is this similar sort of feeling, seeing all these things around you that are no longer have the same sort of feeling but are obviously important and that kind of wave that comes on you.

So, it’s quite emotional. It’s highly charged and we say you will feel maybe upset but then you stay with it, right? You don’t take the headache tablet to get rid of it, you stay with it and then you sort of allow that wave to go and it won’t take it all away but it gives you this feeling of release, but it’s like you are releasing it, one of the things that we say is you are releasing it to the ‘Ethos’ right. You are giving it back to nature and if you have this image of the sea coming in and then going out and the sea is so huge, it is so huge and so deep it can take, it can take it and it can disseminate it and it can take it to the Ethos for you.

So, if you can have that image and that realisation period will actually be a period for you. Yes, it might be highly charged, yet it might cause anxiety for you, a re-evaluation of what you are even doing here as a human. Why have you bothered?

By allowing this process to happen it allows for you to have like an even…there are beaches that come in and out and then there are those bays that are just very still and just a little bit in and a little bit, out right? If you are Australian that’s just the worst place to be right? You want to have the crashing waves and jumping over the waves so you can visualise that, so that if you can allow that energy to come in and go out then that realisation period, what happens is that you start to see things clearly right. You start to have a vision of what is real because during that realisation period you will have a lot of images or feelings, visions of things that don’t seem real. Are real but don’t seem real, don’t seem real, but are real. So, there will be a lot of confusion, a lot of confusion. a lot of disorganisation during that period while you are settling your body into a new way.

So that realisation period is a very important period. Not just because you want to recalibrate your body but also because you are learning a lot about yourself, right? What has been and what can become. So, this is very important this realisation period to really understand the self and to really allow the process of change to happen. Or not even of change but allow this process of development to happen.

Then we have the transformation period and this period is interesting because when you have gone through the realisation period what happens at the end of that if you have allowed the process to happen and you have learnt everything you can about yourself and you have acquired different meanings and when you have this path, if you like, of infinite possibilities, right infinite possibilities and so the transformation time is about deciding what you want to do. How you want to live your life. What kind of person did you always want to be? Are you that person or can you now leave that person?

Because the beautiful thing about being in the Crone Zone is that people have, the general public have expectations that you will be more, or you won’t be as guided by, it’s acceptable for you not to be as guided by social decorum or social etiquette. You can be a bit crotchety; you can have your own opinions. People have this expectation that you are going to be more independent. That you are going to be more able to express yourself and to be authentic and to live to your core values. People accept, that right? They don’t accept it much beforehand but when you get into this Crone Zone time, they accept that, generally we are talking right?

People around you might not like it very much but generally, the general society has this expectation that it’s ok to be and that you will be like that. So that means that you have not only infinite possibilities but you have the freedom to decided how you want to express those possibilities. How you want to live in this existence, if you like you can create the existence that you want for yourself.

So, the transformation time is a very, very exciting time but again we really stress to people to let that process happen, right.

Let’s say you have all these different possibilities. One of the things that you: ‘Wanted to do all of your life!’ was to be a night club singer, with the sexy clothes and the band behind you and the sultry makeup and you know like this and you always wanted to do that right? So, and you actually have the voice to do that so it’s actually possible, so that is one of things you always wanted to do so now it’s an infinite possibility.

So, you see that’s a possibility, right? The transformation, what’s important about the transformation is that you strive very hard to overcome past conditions of worth, if you like, that other people have placed on you and that you have absorbed as your own right? For example let’s say you come from quite a religious family and to be a cabaret singer with the slinky dress and the beautiful dress and sultry makeup and deep gravelly voice would just be absolutely, what can it be? heresy? satanic? whatever right? and so even though that’s something that you have really wanted, but that’s the condition if you do that then you will be a bad person. You will be not worthy, all of those things.

So, it’s very important at this time that you overcome those conditions of worth and you look at being a cabaret singer for what it is. So, in other words to be a cabaret singer with all of those things that we said: ‘What is that going to give to you? What does sing to? and we are using that like a pun right? you can laugh, that was a joke for us! What is it that about this cabaret singer idea is singing to you? What is it calling to? What is it about that that attracts you? What is it satisfying a need within you? What is that need?

If you find that that need is just for sticking up the nose at the religious family, then perhaps you look at some other thing. Maybe it is not worth doing that. Maybe it’s not worthy of you doing that. But if it is something, you love that type of music and when you hear that type of music and when you sing that type of music it’s like very part of your being is energised. Every cell is energised and it’s like you grow to twenty feet, right and you become this being that is connected to the Universal Consciousness, that you actually lose yourself in that moment. In other words, it’s like you are having this experience of complete oneness, not just with the Universe or the people around you, but with yourself right. With yourself and if that’s why you want to do it then we would say focus on that.

Don’t worry about these conditions of worth that other people have placed on you that you have observed as your own, but look at it like that and when you can overcome those things and really focus on what it is that is drawing you to that, what is driving you to that, that is energising you about that and you focus on that, then maybe you don’t become the cabaret singer right? but maybe you join a choir or maybe you do some of these u-tube videos things by yourself with the hair brush and the mirror, or something like that but you are really allowing that part of your being which has not been expressed fully. You are allowing that to happen right and when you think about what we are saying, ok we are using a cabaret singer as an example, but when you think about that, if you have had children or you have very much been in a career where you have devoted yourself to family what have you, you really have your whole self in that right? so now what we are saying and so all of these other things that you feel really connected to, you feel very drawn to, we are just saying now is the time to transfer that devotion right that has been to other people and to work etc. to transfer that devotion to an aspect of yourself.

Many people will say that is selfish and if I do that I won’t think about other people. but what we find is that when people can devote to themselves and next time we speak we are going to be talking about ‘Health’ because that is a very important part of the Crone time for men and women, but you have to be devoted to yourself to actually do it right.

So, this is part of the devotion, you are actually devoting your energy to an aspect of yourself. For example, this cabaret singer, it might seem to you in a way that makes you feel somehow, just one aspect of you. It might just fulfill an emotional need within you right it might not feel a mental, physical whatever, it might just fill an emotional need. So that’s just one, you’re only devoting if you like that energy to that emotional need. You’re not completing devoting yourself to yourself, if you see what we mean. There is still plenty of you to go around.

So the transformation period, we think is just the most exciting period because it’s really when you have gone through that realisation and you’ve cleared a lot of things out of yourself and you really got a clear picture and now you can see all of these things that you wanted to do or you thought that you wanted to do! ok! Maybe you thought you wanted to be a cabaret singer and your whole life you thought you had missed opportunities and that you are angry and you feel resentful because you feel this is the life that you had and this is what you want. But then you actually get to this transformation period and you look at that and maybe you even go and do it and you realise that its actually not what I want to do at all!

What I want to do is to paint. Or what I want to do is to be an artist or what I want to do is when I was working and I was running a boutique or something like that and that feeling of helping people to find the right clothes for them that really suited their figure and they walked out of that shop feeling great. Actually, that is what I want to do. So, it might be a past experience that you actually may have resented at the time because what you wanted to do was the cabaret singer, so it gets mixed up.

So, this time of transformation: the rationalisation is like a clearing and then the transformation time is a real choosing. It’s a choosing. How am I going to feel that my life is going to have meaning with all of these things that are possible? right and so those two periods we think are the most important and exciting periods of this transformation of this moving into the Cronedom. And for men as well, we see that Neville is here, for men as well because many men also go through this period of life. For women it is, if you like, demarcated there clearly by the menopause right. So that is a very clear demarcation that physiologically, biologically I am moving from one set of things to another set of things.

As we said though, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are moving to Cronedom right? It doesn’t necessarily mean that because they might still have very young children so their life is still very absorbed in that, but for men there is not that kind of signal, but for lots of men and Neville you will have come across them, they come to a point in their life maybe the children have gone, maybe they can’t work in the work they did before because they are not physically able or what have you, the world doesn’t want them in that space anymore and so they have to come to a realisation themselves that life is different now.

Life is not the same as it was before and so men as well can go through this period where they have this realisation that these things are not so meaningful. Different things now mean something to me and then this transformation period. So, it’s not just women we’re talking about and it isn’t that we are talking about men and women, the way we really feel is that there needs to be a coming together at this time of life is because we are looking at the next step of this is: Leadership.

Whether you want to consider being an elder, community leadership, family leadership it doesn’t matter but there is this idea of leadership and closely related to that is the idea of mentor, so that these people who are going into the Cronedom are not just leaders in the community but they are also mentors and that actually changes that leadership is everybody is behind you and off you go, mentorship is making sure that everybody is with you here and that we are going together at the pace that everybody can go right? That’s mentorship.

So, there is a difference but both of them is what we want to talk about.

When you look at Crones as women then when they come through that period and they go into a leadership role then you have a matriarchal, they are matriarchs. If you look at it just for men, then they are patriarchs and so there is this separation and we are very strong in the belief that there is enough of this now. It has been generation upon generation upon generation upon generation upon generation, century upon century upon century of this kind of separation.

Who is going to lead humanity to a new future? To a new way of being? if not the Crones? The children can’t do it because they really don’t have the worldly experience. They really don’t know; they might have lots of ideas and they might be born and as soon as they come out of the womb and immediately, they are on the telephone because they can work them and they are playing computer games, right? Maybe they have that, but they really don’t, they still need the parents to mold and to develop their own natural tendencies or their own natural abilities, right?

So, we have this very strong feeling that it’s the Crones, men and women that are going to have to come together, not matriarchs and patriarchs but together as leaders and mentors to move humanity to a point where they do not see this division. That this division is not necessary. Of course, there is still going to be genders but we are not talking about everybody becoming androgynous. There are still going to be genders but the respect for what each gender, not individual women and man, but what each gender brings to the whole group of humanity needs to be led by some body.

Now you hear things like: ‘All men are [Bradley: bastards] yes, we did not want to say that, and all women are bad drivers!’ All women are this and that and all men are this and there are all these disparaging terminologies to describe the entire, the whole population! Now ok, some women might not be very good drivers, but everybody also knows that it is the men that have to pay more on the insurance right, for the cars because they are the ones who have the accidents ok? so does that mean that men are worse drivers?

It’s actually immaterial but the gender groups bring very distinct, unique qualities to the whole of humanity. So, during the period of birth for women, fertility etc it is very distinct for obvious reasons, right? When you move through that period and you go into Cronedom that distinction does not to be there anymore. It doesn’t need to be there anymore.

It means that male and female, men and women can actually be leaders, mentors together. They don’t need to be separate. Ok, maybe you want the women to guide the females and the men to guide the men, of course that makes a lot of sense, however do you really want the girls to know all about the men and the boys to know all about the women because when they know all about them, then you don’t have this division. You don’t have them trying to fight for supremacy. You don’t have them trying to needing to fight for equal pay. You don’t have that anymore.

So we are very keen for the people who are going into the Crone time to imagine themselves as the same, not as patriarch, matriarch, male and female, of course you are, we understand that you still have different health issues and biological differences but it’s more the energy of development. The energy of advancement. The energy of productivity that you bring with the whole of humanity with you.

And so, for us the Crone time is very much, once there is the realisation and transformation that it moves into this idea of leadership, but for us we like to use the word mentor, but we have to start somewhere and leadership is where we would start.

So we will just quickly talk about leadership and mentorship because we actually want to do another session on that so that people can have some ideas on how they can go out into the community without beating a drum on the side walk and forcing people to listen to their views, but be very much themselves and that’s the important thing.

That’s why we focus, we really stress the realisation and transformation periods because those two periods allow you to become yourself.

Allow you to become who you feel is a valuable commodity for humanity, not just for yourself, but for humanity and that is how true leadership can occur.

When somebody is put into a position and you see this a lot in governments around the world. Iraq is a good example. There is a man that is pay rolled by another foreign government and is put into power in that country right eventually and the idea is that foreign power controls this one, this person, so that they can do what they want.

So, you have people in leadership positions that actually have no power. Even in the government in this country the person that is at the top and we are not talking about Tony Abbott, we are talking about any leader, really doesn’t have any power. They look like they’ve got the power, they take all of the blame for everything that goes on, but they are just the voice, they are just the figure head.

So, leadership, if you are not really in yourself. If you are not completely confident of your own abilities, your own deficiencies, your own capabilities, your own values, your own beliefs, your own morals, yours. Not something that somebody has said that it is right or you have been forced to conform to, but your own real knowledge, deep knowledge of yourself. Your own boundaries knowing how far you will actually go.

All of these things then it is very difficult to be a leader in the sense that we are talking about because if you are not like that, you have to shout very loud and force people to conform to your will. If you are not like that, if you really know yourself and you are really convinced, not convinced but you are confident in where, as we said, your abilities and capabilities and so on then you don’t have to shout, you don’t have to force because you are it. You are it. You are living your life like that.

Now of course, that would say that they’re perfect right? but remember we said that you know your deficiencies. You accept them, maybe you think I can work on that, but it’s something maybe you can’t, so you are very aware of yourself and what you’ve got. So, you are not perfect and you know it but you have a sense about you of strength.

And that is a leader. Not somebody who shouts and blasts us and takes the blame for everything, but somebody who is confident in their own abilities and is strong in that knowledge.

When you are like that you can be in any situation. You can go to the local school to help teach reading and you are vivacious or you are quiet or whatever, but what will happen is because you have this energy about you. This confidence about you, this strength about you, the children will be respectful. They will listen to you. The other people will come, teachers and others parents may come and ask for advice, not because you are old, but because you have this strength about you that says: ‘I’m complete’.

I know I am confident and I have strength and they will feel comfortable in that right? They will feel comfortable with that.

So, it could be as simple as that. Maybe you want to go out and start an environmental action group right, whatever it is, that’s the way you want to lead the community but at the end of the day the realisation and transformation period is so important because it gives you, if you go through it, like we said, then you will be this, there will be a difference about you that will set you apart from those not in the Cronedom because your meaning of life, the meaningfulness in your life is different to that. People get caught up in your energy but they see your energy is separate and they can fall into that energy and be led by that energy.

But that is one of the things, we like to use the word mentor because being led by that energy, you are in front and they are behind, but if they fall into that energy then they are, it’s like they are surrounding you, if you like [that sounds terrible but] you know what we mean and in that way they come with you right?
So that’s where we see the Crone time of life leading to and as well remember that we are very keen for it to be joined. Male and female not matriarch, patriarch, but really moving together because it is very important that there is a strong, mature front or leadership in any community.

You just look around in the community you are in now and you look at the young people. Maybe they can’t get work. Maybe there is high crime in your area. Maybe they’re not learning at school. Maybe they’re out on the streets till whatever time and you just look at that and you can see that that energy is lacking in your community.

It doesn’t mean that you go out onto the streets and you take those people in and make them do their homework and what have you, but if you can create an energy as a group, as an elder group of this committed, connected, male, female sort of Crone energy moving forward as a mentor, as a leadership group, it will bring them along. It will bring them along.

Believe us when we say it. It might take several generations for that to happen but it will bring the group along.

So that’s where we will leave it for now. So, the next time we speak we want to talk about the health in this Crone time because you can’t do anything we said if you are not healthy right. You can’t have the bad back and the osteoporosis in the knees, you can have it of course, but it will limit your ability to get out there and to have meaning and to create meaning and to give meaning and to lead with meaning, right?

It will inhibit that. So, health is very important.

So, we thank you all so much for listening to us and giving up part of your precious Sunday to listen to what we have said. We really hope that you’ve enjoyed it and that you have at least gained something small from what we’ve said.

So many blessing to you all and thank you for listening.

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