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Welcome, this is the Ancestral Medicine Women and many blessings to you all, thank you for listening.

So, we have been talking recently, for a long time but more robustly recently about doing your work and knowing what your work is and creating the space so that you take responsibility and can enact your path, whatever it is, wherever that is you want to go and where you want to be and so on.

And one of the things that is, if you like, a by-product of the individual work, is the group work.

So, by that we mean that if there are say ten people working on themselves in a group this creates an energy that sort-of vibrates and facilitates others to be able to do their work. They might not even know these others that they’re doing their work, but it creates this energy, that is an opening-energy, it is an energy that is a creating-energy. And it is sort of like a knowledge energy where people become more aware of themselves. So, if there are people in a group, all working in a group, consciously working on themselves, doing their work this creates a larger energy because the energies connect and then they multiply.

So, if with one person: they have one energy. However, if you have ten people, then that one energy of each individual is now amplified ten times. So, ten times ten is one hundred. So it’s like there’s a hundred more, what can we say: kilograms; to this energy now, than there was before, when there was just one.

This group does not have to be together in the same community and the same house, this group can be spread all over the planet.

Now, we have used this term privately for a long time, but we have never really brought it out into the world and it was used by somebody else to describe a group of people, a group of nations actually who joined together for war:

“The Coalition of the Willing”

…but we would like to turn the Coalition of the Willing, that term, into something far more positive than gathering of people together, or nations together to go and fight another, or one other group.

We would like to use this Coalition of the Willing term to describe those people who are knowingly working on themselves, knowingly doing their work. In the process of knowingly doing their work they are also going out into the community and assisting in whatever way that they can, whether they are healers, whether they are working in social work, whether they are police officers, whatever they are, they are knowingly doing their work, they are knowingly taking their work out into their community and working in the community with others in whatever capacity and in this way you can be working in an office and just by your demeanour, just by the way that you treat people, you are doing your work and assisting them to do their work because you are creating this space for people to be a better person.

So, these people who are knowingly doing their work, knowingly going out into the community now you want to knowingly, know that you are creating an environment where one becomes 100 which becomes 10,000 which becomes this, and this, and this, goes on and on and on. Those people that are knowingly doing their work and knowingly going out into the community and doing their work and helping other people as well, we would like you to understand yourself as a Coalition of the Willing; those who are willing to work on themselves. Willing to do their work, willing to assist other people to do their work knowing that their doing their work is doing their work.

They are willing and that Coalition of the Willing is also consciously creating an energy that is going to be able to permeate, join up with other Coalitions of the Willing.

Now the reason that we have brought this up is that we see there are a lot of people doing exactly the first two parts –
a) they are knowingly doing their work and then
b) they are knowingly going out into the community in whatever capacity they are in, knowing that they are doing their work but in knowing that they are doing their work, they are also assisting others to do their work.
In that way they are a single entity. They are permeating their little community that they are in, but they are a single entity. We want those people now to take the next step and join the Coalition of the Willing, the next step is the Coalition of the Willing, and that means that you know that in another country, in another city, there is somebody else just like you and we want those people, you don’t even have to know those people, just know that there is somebody there doing that work and that you both of you are consciously reaching out, consciously sending, willingly sending out the feelers; if you like; or the antenna to find the other members of the Coalition of the Willing and start to create a vibration that brings people, human beings to their senses, that brings human beings into a human movement of willingness to do their work, to take responsibility, to be accountable, to persevere, to be resilient and above all to make us ALL the best human beings we can be.

Many blessings to you, thank you,

The Mothers
Channeled by Caroline Allison-Dunn

All rights reserved 2019 – Brad Dunn and Caroline Allinson-Dunn


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