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Sleep – “Do your work series”

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When we say this welcome, it is from The Ancestral Medicine Women and many blessings to your all. Thank you for listening (transcribed)

We have been talking about doing your work and knowing what your work is and then those people that are doing, know their work and are doing it consciously we are considering them as the ‘coalition-of-the-willing.’

So this has been a theme that we have been talking about over some period of time and we wanted to continue with that theme. One of the areas that we were looking at is the kind of support that you require to ‘do your work.’

So that support could be things like professional support, it could be support from family and friends, it could be things like nutrition, sleep, exercise, it could be your own investigations into how to live your life and how to do your work and so on. So there are a lot of possibilities for the support, the how-to and the-what that helps you do your work.

So we thought that we would talk about some of those or as many as we can come up with of these aspects of how you can support yourself to do your work.

And we were explaining to Bradley it’s like a professional athlete who are at the top of their field. They don’t do that themselves. They have people who help them with their nutrition. They have a strong regime of exercise, sleep, they probably go to counselling, they have people who support them with their physical needs, like massage and physiotherapy and so on, so they have all of these things going on around them. They have a team supporting them.

Now in this particular instance, you might not have a team, but if you think about yourself as separate entities, parts, aspects of yourself as separate entities, then you can start to look at yourself as a team.

One of the things that we like to start with is sleep. Now sleep might seem like a no brainer – of course, we need sleep, of course, we know that we process things and what have you in our sleep, but knowing and doing, as we all know, is not always the same thing. And again, it comes back to consciousness. So, we are saying to people consciously do your work. Do it with knowing that everything you do is about your work and you are and that everything that you do within your work has an effect. It’s the same thing with sleep. Yes, of course, you sleep every day. Most people do and you might go to bed early, get up early, go to bed late, get up late, have a lot of sleep, have a little bit of sleep.

It doesn’t really, well it does matter because sleep is very important for the body how much sleep you have or how little sleep you have, but the most important thing is the INTENTION of sleep.

So if you know that you have gone through quite a bit clearing for example, or if you know that you are trying to move some energy or that you have had an experience with someone that has rattled you somewhat, if you use your sleep time to actually intentionally process that, so when you go to sleep you are actually knowing and setting up the body to process this energy.

Now for some people, not in every situation, but in some situation that might mean that you have very little sleep. It might mean that you get up regularly to go to the toilet. It might mean that you wake up for a period of time and then you go back to sleep. It might mean that you sleep solidly like it’s totally black dead. It might mean that you have a lot of dreams. You might move a lot physically in the bed, you might snore, there is a whole range of possibilities that might occur when you intentionally sleep with the understanding that you are going to process energy.

And it will be different or maybe different for processing different things that you are processing. You however might be that type of person that always processes in the same way, so you have the same experience. But you might be one of those people that process things always differently, so in your sleep you will process it differently.

The thing to remember is that when you can’t get to sleep when you wake up a lot to go to the toilet, when you have a lot of dreams and so on and so on, that you don’t that you understand that this is part of the processing. So you are not fighting it, you are not getting annoyed about it, you’re not trying to stop this process by taking you know a sleeping pill or something else, you actually understand and consciously processing whatever it is that you have been working on during the day.

Sometimes you work on things of course that you are not conscious about, so you might have, be consciously working on something particular in your life and them but it’s not a feature of this particular day, but then at that night you realise that your sleep is different. That you are, it’s just not the same.

A person who is consciously working, who is consciously doing their work will immediately recognise that processing if occurring. And instead of again, fight it or try to stop it or do something about it, they will allow that processing to occur.

So even though you may have not known that you are doing your work during that day, as in something very specific, there will have been perhaps an aftermath of work that’s been done or finalisation of whatever, but in that processing that is occurring at night there is a realisation, or when you are sleeping as not everyone sleeps at night, there is a realisation that sleep is different. I am processing something. You might not exactly know what you are processing, that’s ok because the consciousness comes with the understanding that you are processing and you’re allowing that process to occur.

Now you might wake up in the morning or after your sleep and realise that you feel terrible and that you have been through the wringer and this sort of thing, but knowing that you have been doing work and knowing that you have been doing work and knowing that you have been adding to your understanding of yourself and allowing energies to flow. Know that and know that it is a good thing for you.

Now for some people once you get the hang of this kind of processing, you might actually be able to get to that point where you only have to sleep for 20 or 30 minutes. You know you can have that afternoon nap or that morning nap or whatever, because in that time there is a lot of processing going on because you have trained yourself to process that deep energetic movement in your sleep, when the body is quite still and everything has gone, shut down to a certain point, because a lot is happening when you are asleep because your mental processes are allowing things to occur that possibly could not occur during your waking time.

So once you get into that understanding between yourself and your processing, then you can actually instead of doing it all night or in your long period of sleep, you might be able to train yourself enough that you sleep for a short period of time – 20 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour and allow that process to occur.

When you really understand how the body works, as far as processing is concerned, you might be one of those people who never sleeps during the day, can, you have very particular pattern of sleep and then every one day you feel like you just cannot keep your eyes open. You have to go to sleep. If you’re in a situation where you’re working or in the shop of course, that’s unrealistic but, if you have the ability or the capability to allow yourself to have that sleep, do it, because your body is trained when it is processing something that is really a movement, like a really energetic movement, it is trained to actually sleep and allow that process to occur.

So then, again, the body becomes its own conscious being and that’s really a wonderful thing. So you’re not in your mind consciously making this happen. Everything has gone into balance, the mind, the body, the emotions and the spiritual energetics have come into alignment and when something needs to be moved or processed from that very deep level, the body says, “OK let’s do it” and so the sleep will want to occur.

If of course you can’t do that then don’t despair, “Oh, I’ve missed my opportunity” of course you haven’t missed your opportunity you just have to say to the being that you are “Not now” and you will find quite quickly you will come back to being in your work mode or your outside mode and you will not feel that urge that you have to go to sleep. So ‘Not now’ so later on you can set the space up for you to have this experience.

So sleep is known around the globe for its restorative and regenerative properties, but it is not always understood the amount of processing on the energetic level that can occur and if you can harness that time and space and that particular human activity and harness it in a way that you have this ability to move through things and then in effect control that energy, that possibility then you will be able to move through your processing and your changes and your work a lot faster.

Thank you,

The Mothers (Ancestral Medicine Women)