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Our message for 2021 is about this idea of shattering expectations, ones that aren’t your own, we are talking about familial, societal, and generational expectations.

Who are you without those expectations? Imagine how much you could jump without all that?

Our message for 2021 where this was initially discussed: Our message for 2021 – Shattering Expectations

Shattering Expectations Explained


Welcome, we are The Ancestral Medicine Women and we are wanting to elaborate a little bit more on our message and activity for the year which is ‘The Shattering of Expectations’.

First of all, we talk a little bit about this idea of expectations and our understanding of these expectations in your world.

Expectations are essentially a belief system of things, happenings, events, ambitions, desires that either will happen, should happen, or might happen.  When you look at those words: ‘Will, Should and Might’ there is a lot of emotional baggage attached to those particular words, there is a lot of burden in some cases also attached to those words and this idea of the ‘Will, the Should and the Might’ really shape the way that expectations are developed in communities, in societies, nations, families, people and the way that they are enacted and in the way that they are expected by others.

So, when we are talking of expectations and the shattering of expectations, this is sort of the crux, this is the basis of what we are talking about this idea of the ‘Will, Should, Might’ and it being a belief system. So, perhaps in essence we are looking at shattering a particular belief system and to do something like that is not an easy task, but the other side of that is what are you going to replace it with?

Very often you see in societies a particular form of government perhaps is shattered and there may be a plan to replace it with something that is more social, more egalitarian, more focused on the people, but in many cases it creates a vacuum and in that vacuum often is pulled the basest of human instinct, basest – that we mean there the lowest of human survival and requirements and their instincts and then this creates often very totalitarian, fearful, brutal regimes of Government.

So, if you look at this idea of shattering expectations and it being a belief system, with those words: ‘Will, Should, Might’ involved in that then you can see by shattering that, what is going to come into that?

So, it’s very important when you are experiencing, experimenting or working on this idea of shattering expectations that you are really aware of what these expectations are, how they appear in your life, society or family. How they are enacted and you will see sometimes there might be an expectation – it could be anything. That expectation might be everybody in this family must be successful. That’s the expectation and that expectation of course is based on monetary or power value. How people get to that in many cases is immaterial. What they end up as in many cases is immaterial as long as that expectation has been fulfilled that of success in that power and money, and so many transgressions are forgiven, glossed over in that process of getting people and encouraging people in that expectation of success based on power and money.

So, shattering that kind of expectation is actually quite an in-depth procedure for any expectation because you have to look at many different things as we said, how it got there, how it’s enacted, why it’s there, who fulfills it, who doesn’t fulfill it, why do some, why do not others, why is it on me, why do I feel the burden, is it aligned with me and so on and so on. So there is quite a lot in this idea of expectation and the shattering expectation, which we will flesh out as time goes on.

But one thing that we were talking to Bradley and Caroline about is this idea of ‘doing’ and there was this word/comment we thought we ‘should be doing something’ and we were intrigued by this concept. It’s very interesting for the human because people often want to know what their purpose is and in the purpose, they feel that it’s is ‘the doing’. We can give them something ‘to do’.

When we look at the bodies of the human we look at the physical, emotional, mental and spirit bodies and we often say to people – we need to align those bodies and when we say ‘align’ those bodies, we are not looking for alignment necessarily in every aspect of life, or over this issue or over that issue, so that you can move away from that issue, or develop into something else.

So, when we are looking at this idea of ‘doing’ it’s quite interesting to realise that the physical body of the human being is always in a ‘doing mode’. It’s always ‘doing’. When you are sleeping it is working, when you are sitting, when you are walking, thinking at all times the physical body is in the state of ‘doing’.

It is such a survival imperative that the body keeps moving that’s it sort of informs and engages the human in that act of doing. Then when you then take that out into the world, so that sort of gives you a type of purpose, cause the body has a purpose, all the doing of the body is of an actual purpose and that again informs our ‘doing’. So, we really look for purpose.

But when people are in their life and they have to work because they need money or for whatever reason, and they are doing that work, but perhaps it’s stagnating their emotional acceptance or their emotional expression. It might be dulling their mental processes and it’s really not what they want to do, it’s not appealing to them. It’s just something they do because they have to work and they have to earn money and they have to ‘do’ something to be a productive member of society we have to do something and what that causes is this element of dissidence because the physical body is ‘doing’ its job, it’s sort of propelling the human to ‘do’ something, to continue with survival – that’s the imperative, but at the same time it might not be nourishing or supporting the emotional aspect or the mental capacities or the spiritual self which causes a dissonance.

This is why a lot of people are looking for the purpose of their life.

We, of course, move people into this idea of looking for meaning but that is a different topic altogether. So, they are looking for the purpose of their life, something to do and this at the very bases level of existence, is an expectation.

We expect the body to do its business, to work, to be constantly in movement. As a result of that there is an expectation, not just of our society, but of our physical body that we ‘do’ something, to help that along, to nourish it, to enrich it we eat, we exercise, we work and so on.

So, there is these expectations that are so engrained within us that they are part of our actual survival and for many people expectations in their life are actually linked to their actual survival, or their perceived actual survival. But this is where the dissonance is caused because it might actually satisfy all of the parts of the four bodies, therefore we have dissonance and therefore we do not have the expectation. It becomes a burden, it becomes a ‘Will, a Should or a Might’.

And when we talk about expectations it is not just saying that person expects me, or my family to be a Doctor, I am going to shatter that expectation and I am going to become something completely different. I am going to become a whaler, you know something like that. It’s not about that. It’s actually about, when we talk about shattering expectations, we are talking about expectation at that basic level, that level of survival and really understanding that. Getting to really know that and then creating through that understanding and that need, that very existence need, the survival need of doing, looking at all of that and then creating a harmony between the four bodies (Spirit, mind, body and emotions).

That’s what we are talking about when we talk about ‘Shattering Expectations’. It’s quite an in-depth topic and this is just an introduction to what we really mean and during the year we will be providing more insight, more understanding and also exercises, work that you can do to really get into the ‘nitty-gritty’ of this idea of expectations.

Just to begin with it would be worth your while to look at the expectations that you feel are placed on you,  that you have of yourself, that might be in your society and look at how these have actually developed. This is quite an academic view, if you like, an academic look at the origins of expectations in your life. So, at this point you are not wanting to shatter them, you are not wanting to get rid of them you are wanting to look at the origin. How did that particular expectation appear in my life. Where did it come from? Why is it there?

If it’s a societal one, why has society created this kind of expectation? If it is a family one, the same thing. So, you are trying to build up in your own personal life, this understanding of expectations that are around you, this belief system of the ‘Will, Should and Might’ events happening.

It would be a good idea for you to journal this, to write it down or record it so that you have this build up of knowledge that is not just circling around inside of you but it’s coming out, it’s pouring out. Talk about these things with your friends, your family to gain an understanding of where you are at, where you have been and where you are going to.

So, many blessing to you all we hope that this has given you some food-for-thought and we look forward to speaking to you again on our ‘Shattering of Expectations’.


Thank you


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