Ancestral Medicine Women

Naturistic Shamanic Tradition Lecture Series

These lectures were recorded in a live format with Caroline channeling Mother Sha-Riah, a shaman from our family healing line.

For a profound experience, please listen to the guided meditation format and then the talk/lecture. This represents weeks of work, so please share what resonates with you and take what you need out into the world and your shamanic circles.

Lecture One:

Totem and Totem Energy

Lecture Two:

“The Story of Igryn” – The Spiritual Importance of Animals in the Shamanic Tradition

Lecture Three:

The Story of Lapal – The Sacred Fire in the Shamanic Tradition

Lecture Four:

Guided Meditation – Going to the Natural World

The Natural World – The teaching and Healing aspects in the Shamanic Tradition

Lecture Five:

Guided Meditation – The Significance of Sound in the Shamanic Tradition

The Story of ‘Morpo and Cirelle’ – start experiencing life as a vibration.

Lecture Six: 

“Walking with Spirit”
Walking with Spirit – Guided Meditation


There are still advanced lectures to be run, but Mother Sha-Riah says the group is not advanced enough to sit with these materials.


What people have said about this series:

 “Wow, I was not expecting this subject to go where it did and was so excited, so many times.” D.G. ~ USA.

“I am so glad that I chose wisely… Great result!” D.E. ~ USA

“Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge and wisdom with us. It is much appreciated and needed at this time.” – MH ~ USA

“I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar this morning and really appreciate your time and energy in putting it together and the information shared.” – LM ~ Australia

“Thanks so much for the wonderful generous sharing of your time and knowledge. It was great.” MO ~ Australia





Another Shaman, Mother Erith, talks here about making a canoe in the Shamanic Tradition:

We hope you can join our knowledge circle.

Look forward to meeting you all,


Hinorayam (Brad) and Caroline.