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Resilience Adaptability and Sovereignty

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So welcome, we are The Ancestral Medicine Women and have a few things that we can talk about that are very related to the current situation that human beings, not just in this place, but all around the world are finding themselves in.

And there is this idea that people are being forced to do things that they do not feel is correct for them and there are lots of reasons why people think ‘why it is not correct for them.’

People are also feeling that they are being forced into doing something that they don’t want to do but they are doing it because if they don’t do it they will lose things like their livelihood, their family connections, their social experiences, they will become isolated, they will lose out in many ways.

So, there is a lot of energy that is quite confusing at the moment.

When we come up against this energy with people who are doing their own particular  journey, nothing to do with this, but just a journey that they are on, they come up against this confusing energy, or if they have something in their life  that they want to move through, or they have something like this put upon them, they feel it is not really about them, or for them, whether it’s an expectation, whether it’s a law, whether it’s a rule, whether it is just something that is in the family group that they have to conform to for some reason, we always say to people two things:  “Adapt and be Resilient.”

The third thing that we are going to add to this today is Sovereignty.

First of all, we talk about Adapting.

Now adapting does not necessarily mean that you do or you do not do the thing that you feel put upon to do or act the way you feel put upon to act and so on, but it does mean coming to an understanding of yourself and then adapting in that way.

For example: If you find that you are in this situation and you do not want to get vaccinated and you do not believe or feel that being isolated or not allowed to go to places and thus being isolated, is not the right thing for you. There is a couple of ways that you can adapt to that. 

One is that you get the vaccination, if you get the vaccination and you still feel in that way, then you have to adapt your mind to what is the most important: The most important thing for me is to work, to be with my family, to be with my friends, to be able to go out into the world and participate the way I want to participate.

If I want to do that and that is more important to me than my belief or my feelings or my understanding about being vaccinated and all of the things that go with that currently, then you have to adapt your mind saying:  Well, this is more important to me and this is the path that I am going. I may not want this vaccination and so on, but these other things are more important to me.

So, you adapt.

It doesn’t mean that you are justifying, it doesn’t mean that you are complying, it doesn’t mean that you are giving in. That’s up to you to know yourself well enough to know whether any of those things are relevant to you.

If you know yourself well enough and you know that you need to work, you need to be out in the world, you need to be with your family and to do that, this is what you see as your only option: then you haven’t let yourself down, you haven’t failed, all of those things. You are adapting to the situation.

If however, you feel that it’s more important for you to stay with this path of not feeling bullied, of not feeling put upon, of not feeling like to have to do something to please other people, and it’s so totally against everything that you feel and everything that you believe, and everything that you feel that your human group should stand for or needs to stand for, and you decide not to get the vaccination and then you have a situation where you cannot work, or isolated from family friends and all of these things, then you have to adapt to this situation.

So, in the first instance, you are in a way adapting to the situation, but you have to adapt your psyche to that situation. In this situation we are currently talking about, you adapt to your situation, so your situation is I do not want to get vaccinated, I do not want to be bullied, I want to have an element of control over myself and I am not just doing this for myself, but I’m doing it for the human group. I am doing it for my community, for the people that are descending from me and also the people that I am descended from.

Then you have to adapt to your situation. That adaptation might be that you do not work, but you then create some work that you can do from home yourself. You perhaps know many people who are unvaccinated so you are not alone, you will not be isolated. You might decide that you are going to start a co-op group with other like-minded people who are going to provide medical care to each other because you will have some of those types of people in there, or physiological care, or physiotherapy, or maybe there are people who grow food and you form these co-ops that you are there to support each other and help each other.

That is adapting to the situation.


All of these things can occur without resilience, but so much better if you have resilience. And resilience means that, if you choose that path you will often come up against resistance and negativity and blocking, not just from Government, but from people who are around you, from society, and so on.

This is the time for resilience and if you can be resilient and every time you get a block to something you think you’re on a path and you think this is going to work and something happens and it is blocked, resilience means you say: ‘Ok. It’s blocked, now I adapt!’ And then it happens again, and so you say: ‘OK, it’s blocked. Now I adapt!’ That’s the resilience part. 

Constant adapting is tiring.

So, adapting and resilience for us are in many ways not just complimentary, but they are like ‘the-crossed-fingers’, they are so intertwined with each other that you need resilience because constant adapting is tiring. It is something that is challenging and of course when you are in this situation and you have resistance constantly coming, part of that resistance occurs is part of that is coming from outside sources and even from yourself sometimes, is because there is a push for you to conform, for you to do what is currently being told to everybody is the right thing to do, or the responsible thing to do.


 Now, we just want to clarify this point. We are not necessarily in favour either way. If you want to get vaccinated – get vaccinated. If you don’t want to get vaccinated – don’t get vaccinated. It’s completely your journey, your choice and that is our stance and this comes to sovereignty.

Everything you do in your life, once you really know yourself, and you really work on that energy of knowing yourself, not just knowing your reactions and knowing the things that you believe or think, but really knowing aspects of yourself to the point where you can adapt easily and quickly.

This is what we call Sovereignty.

And sovereignty for us is very much about being self-sufficient. So being self-sufficient is not only just about being able to grow your own vegetables and having solar power and earning your own money in your own business. That’s the physical expression of self-sufficiency.

Self-sufficiency and we are talking about Sovereignty, is really knowing yourself and knowing how you want to live your life. Knowing how you want to live your life. Knowing the benefit that you can bring to the human group, to your environment, to the world around you. Knowing so much intimate information about yourself that you do not need to be told how to live your life.

Now that means then that: What does that mean?  You don’t need to be told how to live your life, but of course there are Governments, there are laws. We are not saying that you should not follow the law and that you should have a Government, because those sorts of things keep an element of equilibrium, and at this point that not every single human being is capable of sovereignty. They don’t want it in fact, they want to be told what to do. They want to conform. They want to be like everybody else. They want to be told what to do. They want to be coddled and nurtured by somebody else, by something else.

So, when we say this we are not talking to everybody, we are talking to those people who have a real strong sense that they are able to live their life through adapting, by being resilient and by serving and benefiting the whole of the human group, or in their community, or in their family.

But this is the role that they see. These people need to understand what sovereignty is and these people need to be self-sufficient and again, when we talk about self-sufficiency, we talk about as much of the physical aspect, the expression of it, we are talking about that internal ability to keep getting up, to keep yourself strong and that does not mean that you have one view and stick to it and you thrash everybody else over the head with it, it means that you can adapt and be resilient and you know yourself.

So, knowing yourself is not necessarily having very strong views about the world. Knowing yourself is knowing how you fit into the world. How you breathe the air, and what that means to you. That’s what we are talking about with sovereignty and adapting and being resilient are the gifts of sovereignty.

When you are in this position when you really get to know yourself and you understand yourself to such a degree, the Governments can do what they like. They can mandate whatever they want, because at the end of the day, you will adapt, you will do it with resilience and you will be the owner of yourself.

Yes, there are going to be laws and yes there are going to be rules and Governments and you are not going to go out and cause such trouble that you are bringing humanity down, because sovereignty is about lifting humanity up and to do that you have to lift yourself up first.

You are sovereign.

So, adapting, resilience and sovereignty.

We have given you some examples and we have given you some definitions if you like, but we would suggest to you that you go out into the world and you work out what is adapting for you. What does resilience mean for you. How can you do those things, how can you do those things and feel good about it and feel strong about it, not angry, not in fear and not aggressive, not wanting to pull people down or to walk in the streets with gallows, threatening, none of that.

Doing it with the sense of strength which is the sovereignty of yourself. That’s the thing that feeds the adapting and the resilience and they in return feed sovereignty.

But it is up to you to understand what that means for you.

You will not find it in a book. We have just given you some, like a pathway or some, a door to open, but it is up to you to work out what that means for you.

If you are going to rely on somebody else to tell you what that means and to guide you in a step-by-step path of what that means, then you are not ready. You are like those people who don’t really want it, they want to be told what to do, they want to behave the way they are supposed to behave.

We are being quite strong about this because what we are talking about now, this is sovereignty. This is adapting and resilience.

Thank you so much for listening.

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