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Mount Rainier National Park from Ashford, WA, United States / Public domain

A friend said the other day that they woke up to the news on TV saying that America had fallen.
Around us we see human rights are being fought for, but in the doing so we seem to be losing other rights.
Everywhere the media is spreading fear, that there is not enough of this or that.
In Australia, our news announced we could fall off the economic cliff in 100 days.

We see this energy of “let’s go for this small thing here, let’s survive, in fear let’s go for that, steal this and we’ll lose those rights, let’s lock-down to survive this, but spend those trillions to ‘survive’ economically”.

Everywhere you look the human group is focussed on survival, it’s like let’s grab this survival, and we’ll suffer that loss as a result. It’s like the net result will be small or eventually more contracted than what we know now.
So, we believe this continued investment in survival energy is our biggest survival threat.

If we REALLY think about it, survival is automatic. We all see that Mother Earth is built for survival, with or without us. Humans survived the ice age, and for some, humans even survived Noah’s flood by accessing all the resources in the human experience. We want to you to come to this acceptance that we as a group are built for survival, it’s a given and it’s time to reach beyond that and bring to your community, a consciousness of thriving – create a ‘thrive ladder’, something that entices a new energy of expansion, wellbeing, prolific learning, plenty of clean food, water, education, and media, etc. Building a strong foundation energy of thriving, life-giving, as opposed to what mainstream currently consumes.

It starts with you.

It’s not enough to survive now. We all want to jump to something new, and we think that is thriving, not just rights, jobs, and dignity, but thriving.

What could that mean for you?

Is it sharing food in the street, starting a community education centre/garden/hostel/exchange centre which isn’t about hoarding, but an energy of ‘flow’, where there is enough and we can all climb the thrive ladder, expanding, pulsating in something where our group can be proud of who and what we are?

It all starts with you.

Brad, Caroline and Mother Sha-Riah

Image – Mount Rainier National Park from Ashford, WA, United States

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Brad Dunn / Hinorayam

Hi, I'm Brad.
The Ancestral Medicine Women are a lineage of healers from my Mothers ancestral line, and I'm delighted to be able to share the experience of these amazing people from our past.
I am an apprenticed shaman and healer. I have more than 10 years consulting experience, and a love for spirit, gardening, farming and people.