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Transcript of recording:  1st January 2018, on a super moon with morning birdsong.

Welcome all of you to this very new year, 2018. We are the Ancestral Medicine Women, and we welcome you not only to the year, but to our talk right now. Thank you for those that have tuned in to listen. We are so appreciative, and we hope that you gain something, or that you hear something that’s relevant to you, that you can take through the year, or start your year off, to take you in to be a productive, fulfilling year for yourselves, your family, and those around you.
Our message for this year may seem simple. It may seem perhaps insignificant, but we hope that you listen to the answer that you see what we really mean when we say what our message is for this year. Our message for this year, for year 2018, is learn to adapt. Some of you will say, “Well, that’s a human trait. That’s a survival trait. We all adapt.” Some people say that a sign of intelligence is to be able to adapt. Other people say that adapting is difficult, that unlike change, they know that it needs to be done, they do it, but it’s a difficult journey.
The reason we are saying that these learn to adapt as your mission, if you like, for this year, is that there is change coming. Change always occurs. It’s a constant. It’s a constant state. Change is a constant state for the human, for the planet, for the cosmos, but for humans, there is big changes on their way. These changes you can already see. Actually, in the way that people are thinking, in the way that they are electing particular people into government. Some countries are actually reverting. They are going back to a more totalitarian state. They’re going back to old ways, to more repressions, and other places, other countries, nations, are looking forward, and they are putting people in who seem to have a broader view, who want to go to bigger places, if you like. You can see that there is change occurring, and then there is resistance to change, so in between that, there has to be adaptation, learning to adapt, being able to adapt, because when people revert, they are really at a stage where the change is imminent, and the choice is being made.
Some people, let’s look at the individuals, revert to an older way, to a stronger way, a way that’s not satisfying to them, a way that’s not productive for them, but they revert to that before the big change, because the body, if you like, is holding on tightly to what it knows. Everything else is wanting to move, but the body is holding on tight, and there is this very strong reversion to this way of life, and a known way of life, but that’s the point, right? That’s that precipice point. Most people realize after a while of that that they can’t stay there, and they just make the jump. Some people realize that they can’t make the jump, and then they stay there. The change doesn’t really occur. So if you look at these countries, what they’re doing, they’re actually reverting back to a time where it was very strong, not fulfilling, difficult, and so on. But that’s their point, that is their tipping point in fact, that they are on the precipice.
The countries that are in this state are big. They’re big countries. They command a lot of the wealth. They control a lot of the wealth of the whole world. They are in this state of holding tight, holding tight, but there is a lot of movement underneath saying, “No, we’re going forward. No, we’re going this. No, we are changing.” They are really on the precipice. If those countries actually jump, if you like, or fall off the precipice, change is going to be swift. It is going to be dramatic. It is going to be devastating for some. We are just talking at this stage of this very physical experience that humans have of governments, nations, community, and so on, but the change that we are also talking about is the change within humans. Almost at a DNA level, a change which is in process now. There are many people who are actually actively working on their DNA to develop it, to push it, to expand it to its full capacity, to its full use. If you look at the way that these countries are holding on tight, and some of the other countries are trying to move forward, you can see if you look at that as DNA, right, the building blocks of your community, your governments, the building blocks of your society, people within it, the nations, you can see it’s like DNA.
Even though we are, that’s a very physical and we mean material aspect of human life, if you look further, that’s affecting not just that, but the change in the DNA, this active movement that people are making to move, to develop, to become more than they currently are, more human, or a more developed human, if you like. That is changing at a much deeper level than the government’s changing, or the government’s developing. This is a change on a very delicate but hugely impacting and profound level for humans, and that is going to have repercussions all throughout the cosmos, if you like, all throughout the universal energy. It’s like putting a stone in the middle of the pond, and you see the ripples. The ripples are small to begin with, but they are quick, and then they are further apart, and slower, but comes out, sometimes even comes back in slightly, as it rebounds off the side, and it comes back in. This is the sort of thing that’s happening.
The people that will survive it, the people that will lead it, the people that will be able to make the leap will be the ones that can adapt effectively. What do we mean by effectively? We mean quickly. They can adapt quickly. They are ready to move at a moment’s notice. They are fit in their mind. They are fit in their body. They have skills that they have taught themselves that are not just survival skills of being able to grow food, and build a house, but skills, emotional skills, mental skills, where they have this ability to move quickly, to change. It’s like you are running down a path, and all of a sudden, that path splits and the path you were on disappears, and you have literally one step to change, but your momentum is going forward. Even if you make that one step change to the right, you may still fall because your momentum is going that way. You have to be able to, in that step as you are taking it forward, move the whole entire being over here to the right or the left, whichever way the path goes.
We are talking about the ability to think quickly, to look at your emotions, and see how they are working effectively for you in that situation. Look at your physical body, and of course, the spiritual self that you have, that you are. How is that going to help you? How is that going to help with the adapting, the quickness to adapt? When we are talking about being quick to adapt, we are talking about it on so many levels. We are talking about it as we said on this very physical level, which is being fit, if you like, being able to have skills, physical skills that will help you. Also on that emotional level, where you have … You know your emotions. You know how you react. You know how you can control them, the ones that you can control, and the ones that you can’t control. You know yourself so well emotionally that you are actually developing in that area to become emotionally mature. Emotionally not necessarily in control, which means that if you are angry or controlling your anger so that you don’t express it. No, completely opposite, that you know that you’re angry.
Instead of lashing out and being reactive, you channel that anger into a discourse, perhaps, or into an action that is productive, not just for you, but for those around you. We’re talking about really learning about yourself at that real emotional level, so that you can in a moment of crisis think clearly, not clouded by an emotional reactive response. Of course in the mind. The mind needs to be able to think quick. It needs to be able to, and when we say think quick, it’s not necessarily that you are super intelligent and smart, and you can come up with things. No, what we’re talking about is actually or probably aligned with the emotional intelligence. If you have a strong, quick mind, then, and you are able to understand and know your emotions, those two things will work together, and they will complement each other. What we’re talking about is instead of dulling the mind by looking at the Facebook, by watching movies, by engaging in this long television series, where you watch the one after the other after the other.
Instead of these sorts of consumerism, going to the shop and just buying it because it happens to be so cheap, wandering around, this type of thing, instead of doing that, actually look at the way you’re living. Start to say, “Okay, I’m living like this. How can, how is that helping me? How is that making my life productive?” You might find that actually you need to learn a new skill. You might find that you want to, that you can learn it by reading a book, or you have to go and do a course, or you might find that being peaceful is meditating, or going to the beach, or going for a swim, so instead of doing the things that are quite common now, which is to sit and watch something, and that’s how people engage with each other, it’s actually those things are dulling the mind. They’re not expanding the mind. They’re dulling the mind because they’re only using certain parts of the mind. All the time, they use those certain parts, but that’s all that they use. You need to start using more of your brain, developing more of your brain, allowing connections to grow, and to develop in more of your brain.
Not just developing one part, because if a situation occurs where it’s totally different to that part of the brain that has been developed, those connections that have been developed, you will not be able to adapt, because you will not have … the brain will not be wired in that way. So you have to start really looking at the way you live, and how you can develop yourself within the world that you live in, but to make yourself stronger in the adaptability stakes, because it’s going to become extremely important.
We’re not saying that 2018 is the year that it’s going to become important. This is a preparation time, and the preparation may take two, three, four, 10, 20 years, but you’re not going to be learning to be a quick adapter in one year anyway. Start it now. Start it with your children. Start it with people around you. Train people around you, especially your children, because they are the ones that are really going to need it. Train them to be using their minds, to be using their brain in different ways, to be looking at the emotions.
When they have a reaction, when they respond to something, don’t get angry with them. Don’t shout at them. Actually let the situation simmer down, and then discuss the reaction, and the emotion that that brought up in them. Humans are not very good at talking about the emotions. They like to express them. They love to express them, but they don’t really like to talk about them, why they express them in that way, so learning to adapt is a huge, huge project. We would urge everybody who is listening to this to start on that project, because those that can learn to adapt and adapt quickly and effectively will be the ones that can work through the change, will be the ones that can lead areas of the change, and will be the ones that survive. We thank you so much for listening to us. We really hope that you have found something in this message that you can take away with you, even if it’s something quite small.
We wish you all the very best for this coming year, and we thank you all who have listened to us previously, who will listen to us again. We thank you for honouring us in this way. Many blessings to you all. Thank you.
~ Ancestral Medicine Women.

1st January 2018. On a super moon with morning birdsong.

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