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Message from the Mothers
January, 2016

“Are your gifts and specialness now, here for the short-haul, or the long-haul?”

Read on to the end to see where you fit in to the bigger scheme of life


Welcome Dear Friends!

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2016, and of course, welcome to your new year of 2016.
We have already made known our thoughts, wishes, and message for humans in 2016, we hope that you have taken the time to watch it.  That message was for everyone.  This message is for the few, that is you.
In this message we would like to express our love, concern and hope that you will all be safe and well in 2016.  Safety and wellness is vital for the human race if it is to survive, thrive, develop, and move forward.   Surviving and thriving could be said to be implicit instincts in humans, they have been doing it for thousands of years.  They have perfected it, sometimes at the expense of other people, nations, cultures, nature, the environment and so on; humans will strive to survive and thrive at all costs.
Similarly, developing could be said to be an inherent attribute of the human.  Many talk about cell memory, how the experiences of your life are recorded in your cells, and maybe triggered and expressed through action, emotions, thoughts, and so on. This is also seen in human DNA.  The experiences of the individual, family, and ancestors are imprinted on our DNA and this is carried through energetically.  This imprint may determine whether one identical twin will experience a disease, whilst the other will not. Or, why obesity, poor oral health, or depression may occur more frequently in some families than in others.  This is becoming such a well known concept that it even has a name, Epigenetics.
Then there is the evolutionary development of the brain, from the primitive hind brain to the magnificent creation we all have today.  Children today seem to be born with more information than their parents, and it is expected that subsequent generations will also have more knowledge to draw on than these children.  Humans have developed physically as the environment required.  Culture has developed at differing levels based on understanding, knowledge, and experience.  Technology has either moved with humans, followed them, or led them, depending on your thinking.  As a human can think it, or conceptualise it, so too can it be developed.  To develop is to be human, our mind and energy will not allow anything else.  We must keep moving forward.  But, are we?
We have briefly established that surviving, thriving and developing are inherent qualities of the human, and all together, it seems, they keep us moving.  But we would argue that moving forward is a conscious activity, perhaps unconsciously driven by surviving, thriving and developing, but nonetheless, conscious.  How do we come to this conclusion?  We will elaborate.
The energy behind surviving, thriving and developing does not necessarily lead to moving forward.  For instance surviving and thriving might be achieved at another’s expense.  That may be moving forward for one, but perhaps not the other.  Likewise, a technological development could be due to an environmental requirement, and therefore whilst conscious thought and activity is required to accommodate this, if the requirement was not there, there may be no need of the forward movement.  These examples speak to instinct, non-conscious thought/action; forward movement by requirement, not by design.
We believe that humans choose to move forward, whereas surviving, thriving, and developing happen naturally, often using a lot of energy, but not necessarily using consciousness.  This is our message for January, 2016: choose to move forward, choose to keep moving forward.

This may not seem very profound, but we do not mean just keeping active in your life.  No, we mean do not be like everyone else just trying to survive, thrive, and develop.  We are encouraging you to take yourself, with all of the knowledge, energy, insights, love, compassion, gifts, and life experiences that you have and do something with them, consciously.  Move forward with all of this specialness.  Do not wait for the opportunity to arise to show yourself, make it arise.  Take yourself consciously out into the world, and move forward.

Take stock of yourself, and ask yourself are you just  surviving, thriving and developing, marking time as you move forward with the rest of the world?  Or, are you surviving, thriving and developing, and moving out of step with the world?  Whilst everyone is walking in time there is no moving forward.  Humans, the planet, the universe, needs some to be out of step.  You might not get the recognition you think you deserve, but you may not be here for the short haul, you may be here for the long haul.  Nicolas Tesla is an exemplar of this.
Nicolas Tesla was ridiculed, and humiliated.  Much of his work destroyed or hidden, he died virtually unknown (in the big scheme of things), and had little money.  Yet this man, his knowledge, and inventions may be one of the contributions to human knowledge that literally saves the human race.  He did not decry his abusers, or lose faith in his mission, because he knew he was here for the long haul.  He knew that he had to walk out of step with everyone else during his time, because he was needed further down the timeline.  He did not flinch.  He moved forward, and now his work is going to help the whole human race move forward.
None of you really know your true worth, and you never will unless you are prepared to walk forward out of time with the rest, consciously and by choice.  Marking time suggests that you are waiting for something.  The things that we wish for, visualise, and cork-board are normally material objects, they are examples of marking time, and illustrate the weakness in our desire to really move forward, to really make a difference, not just for others, but also for yourselves.   We are not saying that you cannot have material objects, but that they will not help you to move forward.  It is up to you, however, to decide what will help you move forward, and what will become of your moving forward for those around you, before, and after you.
Possession of objects is something to strive for, but they can not be taken with you.  However, life experiences, knowledge, and energy can be imprinted onto your DNA, implanted into your cell memory, and that does come with you, and can be passed on.  The choice you make to move forward today will have an impact, no matter what, but are you going to send the same message as everyone else down the line?  Or, are you going to offer the world something new, something more, something that, right now, maybe seen as dangerous, but in generations to come may be seen as life saving?  You may never know the impact of your out-of-stepness, and that is the key to what we are saying.  Following the herd in moving forward is passing on what is known, but it will probably be what is not known that may change the face of humanity, the planet, and the universe.  Its your choice.  We know what we would choose…

Thank you, and many blessings to you all,

The Ancestral Medicine Women

Herbs are for Everyday…

The purpose of Herbs are for Everyday is to encourage people to see the medicinal and health benefits of plants and nature.  Many people use plant medicine when they are unwell, lacking in energy, in pain, and so on.  In other words, they use them when they feel that they need them.  We believe, however, that if a wide variety of plant medicine is included in people’s everyday diet, then a higher level of wellness cannot only be achieved, but also maintained, perhaps even alleviating the need for acute uses of specific plants and herbs because illness would be less.
The use of herbs in everyday diet is probably required more now than ever due to the way food is farmed, processed, stored, and sold.  These food growing and selling pathways have led to food that is not only poisoned by insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides, but that has low nutritional value because of volume and mono-culture farming, and food preservation processing methods.

You need the medicine of plants everyday!

The ‘herb’ that we are spotlighting today is, in fact, not a herb, but its medicinal qualities are magnificent and exciting for this modern world.


We give you, frankincense.

Frankincense, like all plant medicines, has ancient roots, and an illustrious history of healing.  It has antiseptic, regenerative, and healing qualities, but one of its most amazing powers is that it appears to cause the cells, organs, hormones, and chemicals in the body to function in the way they were designed to function.  For example, frankincense is well known for its anti-aging benefits.  What this really means is that it gives the cells in our bodies the ability, or the re-ability, to renew and regenerate as they are designed to do.
Frankincense is also beneficial in oral health (for prevention and repair), to relieve pain, as an aid in wound healing, the lifting of spirits (there is evidence that it helps to re-balance the production of hormones that assist in the creation of depression), soothing anxiety, and as an anti-inflammatory agent.
Frankincense can be taken orally, by chewing the resin (the colour of the resin will generally be a golden yellow, make sure that it does not have any black or brown marks in it, this is not pure and may have been harvested and processed poorly), or internally by adding a drop of pure essential oil (do not use fragrance or aromatic oils, these will not be pure and will generally be made with synthetic products to emulate frankincense, but will not be it) to a carrier oil, honey, or water.  This method is beneficial if you are wanting a systemic approach to pain, cell renewal, depression, and so on.
You can also apply the pure essential oil directly to the skin if you are wanting to target an acute pain (such as neck ache), or an inflammatory ailment (such as arthritis in joints),  or a wound.
To read more about the wonders of frankincense, there are many websites devoted to its powers.  For a more scientific approach visit the Dr Mercola website at
Warning: Before you take any plant medicine, make sure you have done your own investigation and consulted a natural health professional.  There are dangers and side-effects from almost all medicinal remedies – natural and synthetic, and they will affect different people in different ways.  Frankincense is not recommended for women who are pregnant, as it may cause menstruation to occur.

Caroline’s Corner.

carolines corner
As most of you will know, I am the channel for the Ancestral Medicine Women.  I have been channelling the Mothers for about five years now, and I have to say that it has been an incredible time of change, development, learning, exploring, and expanding!
The thing that really stood out for me when I first began channelling was how narrow my education had been.  The information that was in my brain was limited to what I had read, seen, and experienced myself, or studied at school and college; but I realised that that was not enough.  I needed more in my consciousness for the Mothers to play with!  This didn’t mean words, or new knowledge, necessarily.  It meant the exercising of my brain, so that new and much larger concepts could be downloaded and then converted into language, ideas, and images that would be readily available to me, Brad and all those that listened.  So, I started a psychology degree, and I am ecstatic to report that I finished this at the end of 2015!
Undertaking the degree did inform me with a broader range of knowledge, ideas, and concepts, but what it really gave me was the ability to move/massage/exercise my brain.  The brain work gave me the ability to form new connections faster, broaden those connections to incorporate other connections, thus creating much more complex and broader concepts.
Brain plasticity is a hot topic of research and enquiry at the moment, especially in psychology circles ;-).  The notion that giving the individual brain more exercise, which may lead to functional longevity, will be great for the practical considerations of the economy, health system, and each individual’s life.  However, I think these possible/desired/expected outcomes are limited, and in turn limit the ways that brain plasticity may serve humans and the planet.

The idea is simple really.  The more we exercise our brain, by challenging it and making it work out of its comfort zone, the more information we can accept and process. This causes more connections to be made, more neural pathways to be set up. The more informed we are, and the more connections we set up, the broader our understanding of life, existence, other people, different opinions, and cultures, is.  Our actions are informed by what we know, how we process what we know, and the connections we make between them.  Perhaps if we strive to know more and process the information critically (that is, don’t take it at face value, investigate it, question it), the connections we make might give humans a better chance of accepting each other and not feeling threatened by each other, essentially, living in peace.
This may be a pipe-dream, or perhaps I am channelling a Miss World contestant at the moment, but I do think that exercising your brain is a worthwhile activity, it has been for me anyway.

Be well, be happy, and be love,



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