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We are The Ancestral Medicine Women and we would like to welcome you to this year – 2.0.22.

Now every year we bring out a message of a way forward for the year, something to perhaps aspire to, something to bring into your life, something to explore, something to adopt, something to share with others.

So, the message that we bring each year is not something that is prediction, or something that you must do because if you don’t to it this other thing will happen. It’s really about self-journey, everything, all the messages we bring forth for each year is about encouraging self-journey, self-discovery, self-awareness and how that can be adopted in your life and then actioned and how that energy can permeate into your society.

So, this year our message perhaps, is the concept and the action, the awareness and exploration of kindness.

Now kindness is an incredibly interesting concept really because for a lot of people kindness is often experienced as weakness and seen by others as weakness. So people who are generally kind and try to live their life being kind to others and themselves and so on, tend to find that they are used and abused somewhat.

But we would suggest that that is because kindness by the person who is attempting to be kind, trying to live a kind life and those who are receiving or being in the atmosphere of that kindness do not really understand what kindness is.

When we are talking about kindness, we are talking about it as something that is strong.

Now we are not going to use the word: ‘as a strength’ because that word then becomes, then there is an opposition to that because if there is a strength, then there must be a weakness.

We are using the word kindness and understanding it as something that is strong; it is balanced; it is even; it is measured.

The emotions that move in and out of kindness, or along kindness, can dip and highten the actions and the understanding of kindness, but at its essence kindness is a foundation, it is a structure from which people can build their lives and it is a strong foundation, it is a strong structure because it is balanced, because it is measured.

As you are all aware the past few years have been some-what tumultourist for human beings, at the very least: challenging and at the very greatest: completely life changing for many, many people, not just now but for generations to come.

It’s put a great burden on people’s ability to think, ability to live calmly, happily, it has put a great burden on people’s ability to evolve.

For us human evolution, whether that be as an individual or as a group, is paramount to not only the survival of the human group, but perhaps for the planet and it is thriving. Thriving is a key to human evolution on an individual level and on a group level.

At the moment, the past few years have really been about surviving. Can we survive the virus? Can we survive the social upheaval? Can we survive the economic distress, the difficulties there? Can we survive the vaccine? Can we survive in lock down with people that we may or may not know that we may not like?

Can we survive with food shortages that are seemingly eminent, so everything about it has been about surviving.

If we continue in that vein then at the very least, we will survive, or at the very worst, we will not and we will degrade into something that none of us will recognise.

So, kindness. Bringing kindness into your life, as we said is something that brings in a strong foundation.  It is not about loosing yourself in other people’s whims and wildness and their desires. It is not about giving in all the time. It is not about putting yourself last and everybody else first. It is not about weakness, it is not about the loss of self-sovereignty, the loss of self-respect and awareness.

Often kindness is looked at in this way. If you are kind these are the things that happen to you.

And it’s true, these things can happen. But if you look at kindness as a strong foundation with which to live your life and you start to treat yourself, your environment, those around you, your workplace, the governments, everything that is in your life, if you start to think of them, all of those things including yourself from a foundation of kindness, we have the opportunity to calm the human group, to calm them so that they can think again. To calm them so that they can breathe freely.

To calm them so that so that they can take steps forward without fear of reprisals, so that they can take balanced and measured and thoughtful steps forward. Not running, jumping steps backwards, forwards in confusion and complexity but balanced, measured, strong, structured steps.

This is what kindness is. Kindness is strong, kindness is looking out into the world and seeing where you fit into that world.

Kindness is about looking at the world and looking at the people within it and seeing how you energetically can support them whilst supporting yourself.

This kind of kindness we are talking about is an energy. An energy that builds up within its self, makes itself strong, makes the self-balanced, makes the self-aware, given the opportunity for the self to like itself.

And in that way the energy can balance and that energy, it multiplies and as that energy multiplies on itself, on itself, on itself, it starts to reach out to others. Not in a deprecating way, not in a whatever you want kind of way, but in a strong foundational kind of way.

This is the vision, if you like that we have for humanity at this time, is this foundation and structure of kindness.

To be able to be on this particular path of kindness there really is a lot of searching of the self, understanding of the self.

When you are being kind to somebody and they react negatively towards you or they react in a way that you lose and they win, that is really a wonderful opportunity for you to look at what kind of opportunity was that? Was I being condescending? Was I being benevolent? Was I being judgemental, superior? Or inferior?  Was I tipping my hat, was I actually being critical of that person in my kindness?

And this shows you that the kindness that you are currently expressing or living is not a strong foundation and structure, it is something else entirely.

What it is will be your own personal experience, but kindness, as a strong foundation and structure will always be met with an equal or a balanced and measured response, always, because in that strong foundation comes a sense of worth. A sense of self-ownership, a sense of knowing. A sense of understanding. A sense of breadth and depth.

So, we would urge you to consider this concept of kindness. Kindness as a foundation and structure for your life and when you believe you are being kind and its not working out for you, really study your versions of kindness and is it really from a point of a strong foundation and structure?

Something that is balanced and  measured and thoughtful or is it something more judgemental, critical, benevolent, put upon people because you feel that they need something or they should be doing something that they are currently not and you can tell them that in the kindest possible way.

So, a long with the rooster that we have with us here, we would like to wish you all the very best for this year and we hope that you take our message of kindness in it’s balanced and measured way and create a strong foundation and structure for your life, for now and this year and for on-going.

We really believe that if more people, or as many people as possible can adopt this structure and foundation of kindness, that the human group will reap benefits that may at the moment be unseen, but in the future will really help the generations to come and create a basis for them to live a thriving existence.

Many blessings to you all.

Thank you,

The Mothers

Channeled caringly by Caroline Allinson-Dunn.

Audio Backing Sound track Luminous – by Mettaverse (licensed)

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