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Mother Sha-riah lived in Siberia, somewhere between the Lake Baikal and Tuva. She is one of the more ancient mothers in the family line. If you have arrived to this page directly, Mother Sha-Riah is channeled by Caroline for the purposes of learning and healing.

The life and healing approach of a shaman in Mother Sha-Riah’s time.

Listen to her life as a shaman:

A little more on that life:



This is the first recording we did with her discussing her life and healing approach in 2013:


And a little more on her life:

Her life as a human:


Hear her Lectures and links:


1.  Are you Shaman?

2.  Shaman – you are on your own

3. Why do people journey?  (new window – youtube)

4. Preparing Your Sacred Space – Shamanic Journey Work (new window – youtube)

5.  How to interpret your journeys

6.  A Fractured Soul – considerations in healing. (new window – youtube)

7.  Why embrace your ancestors?

8.  Tools of the Shaman





The Naturistic Shamanic Tradition Lecture Series:

a. Totem tradition – poor audio sorry [Meditation and Lecture] wmv file

b. Significance of animals in the tradition – completed 26/4/2015 [Guided Meditation] mp3 [Lecture Recording] mp3

c. Sacred fire – in the Shamanic Tradition – completed 10/5/2015 Sacred Fire and the Story of Lapal mp3

d. The natural world – completed 24/5/15 – [Guided Meditation] – [The Lecture]

e. The significance of sound – 7th June 2015 [Guided Meditation] – [A story from the Lecture]

f. Walking with spirit – Sunday 21st June [Guided Meditation] – [ The Lecture]





Other Published Media:


 Living in the Now

This is an interesting audio. Mother Sha-riah  believed man was corrupted and could be balanced with Animal Energies. Some energies enabled them to fight or rise to a healing, like the Wolf. Another could put the person into a deep sleep, for days if needed, to allow progress in whatever was needed.

If you are doing Shamanic journey work at home and would like support on understanding some of the abstract things you encounter, the Medicine Women can support you on a 30 minute call, weekly or monthly.

Read/Listen  >here<


Media links:

Radio show with Julie MacDonald



Image: “Canis lupus standing in snow” by Tracy Brooks – U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

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