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Welcome, this is Mother Sha-Riah
As some of you know we are having our Circle almost weekly now as we are so distant from each other. It is an opportunity for people to come together to create an energy of community and an energy of connecting, so we are doing it more regularly on-line.
Each time that we do have our circle we are trying to create energies that are way buoying, like a buoyancy for the community that you are in or the person is in or those communities as we have discussed before, they could be in the family group, the neighbourhood, the city, the country, the global community, whatever you feel your community is at that moment and how much you can contribute to that community.
So, we are doing a sort of a group intention and in many respects, it is a word that we choose and we expound on that word so we have had thoughtfulness, we had calm and this week we did resilience.
One of the key aspects of the human nature and of the human group is their ability to be resilient, to bounce back, to come back, to come up with a new idea, to keep going, to keep trying, to keep striving, to keep thriving. It is one of the greater aspects of the human group, of course, that can often lead to some detrimental activity so that they can be resilient, but what we wanted to focus on in this last journey group was really to focus on that aspect of resilience where people get up and they keep going.
But also, there was the creating of that support energy of resilience and that people felt that they know they have that support to get up because it is hard to keep doing it yourself if you feel you have no support, it is hard to do that.
So, the circle this last weekend was about creating that resilience support for people that they had that energy that was giving them the impudence and motivation and the nourishment to be resilient and to create that for a wide group.
It wasn’t even just for humans it was for the energies to be resilient. The energies of it could be the economy, it could be education, it could be health care, all of these things that the human group contributes to or a part of, those things as well.
So, it is very interesting the outcome of the journey because there was, of course, you know everybody had their own experience and their own imagery and so on but the thing that came out most strongly was this concept, if you like of the Elder. And it’s interesting that we were doing resilience and then the concept that really was strong, a theme if you like, was this idea or concept of the Elder.
Because if you think of resilience, resilience is about holding the space, it’s about creating that energy of support for people to keep going. When you think of an Elder, an Elder you have this idea perhaps of experience, of wisdom, of that experience being translated into wisdom, that is not always the case, but that’s an idea behind the Elder, but also the Elder often are people in our community who are not as physically active, or they have more time and energy in a way to just be in the environment, watching, holding the space, helping, advising, nourishing and nurturing and this is something that when we talk about resilience and that support energy of resilience energy, this is what we are talking about.
So, it was interesting that the Elder energy was very strong. And what this showed the whole group was that everybody in the group didn’t matter about their age, had some aspect of themselves which was this Elder energy. Whether they were a parent in a home where they felt that they needed to create an environment where everybody could be in the home and be supported in the home, whether it was the person in the workplace where they actually do find themselves as the oldest person now in the workplace and how they can lead by their calmness and by their maturity and by just holding that space and bringing people into that calm, mature space to keep working and to keep going on and to keep dealing with whatever they are dealing with and what the people around them are dealing with in a responsive and mature fashion.
Whether you are isolated on an island and you have a lot of knowledge and a lot to give and yet you are isolated on this island, transforming that energy of the Elder into a more energetic thing that can go out beyond the island, can go out to people that you speak with on the phone or people that you know, moving that energy out there as the Elder and being that one that people can turn to.
In this time, but afterwards and a lot of people are looking at now and how we can cope with now. There are some people also looking at what are we going to do after this event. Are we going to be the same? How will things be changed? How will things, how will we cope?
The Elder in this situation is going to be such a strong anchor for people to gravitate towards, to hold onto to, to give them that grounding because the Elder often has the ability or the capability to transform, to translate energy into some knowledge and wisdom. And that knowledge and wisdom doesn’t have to be through words or necessarily through actions, it can just be through energy.
There are unfortunately, at this time, we have all around the world, many of our Elders locked up, if you like. They are quarantined and we are missing out on this large group of people who have experience, wisdom, knowledge and many of these people who are in their quarantine and locked up, yes they are unwell, but at the same time many of these people have a certain calmness about them, a certain acceptance of life and what goes on in that and that’s a really important energy to be bringing into our community.
So if you have the opportunity to connect with any of these people, please do so. It might be that you contact your local retirement home or neighbours who you know that are isolated or who don’t have community as such and you get in contact with these people somehow. You might organise to make the phone call as an example. Not only are you supporting them but you will actually find the support that you get from them, will be more than the support you are offering to them in the long run.
And these people, these Elders in our community we are going to need them. We are going to need their energy and their understanding because a lot of these people in our community have been in situations like this before, not exactly like this, but definitely in situations like this before all around the world.
They have had deprivation, isolation, they have been marginalised, they have had financial difficulties, wars, they have had food shortages. They have suffered, so for them, they have had that experience, they have that wisdom, the how, the what did they do when they came out? How did they cope? What did they learn? These are things the Elders can be teaching us after the event, but at this time, the Elders are there to create that energy of support and resilience.
Now in this time you might find yourself, not as an old person, but a relatively young person who has had a lot of experience in life and you have been able to translate that or transform that into some positive learnings or knowledge. If this is you, even if you don’t want to talk to people about it, start to really feel that energy within you and start to send that energy out into the world. This is elder energy.
So, our take-a-way message from our journey circle was this idea of resilience, as exemplified by the Elder. The concept of the Elder.
And in that energy, we will find not only support for the situation that we find ourselves in now, but also support, information, knowledge, guidance, advise for how we are going to go on in the world after this event.
Thank you so much.
Mother Sha-Riah
Image thanks to Wonderlane CC.0

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