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Living in the NOW

Living in the NOW

The basis of this talk happens in the first 15.30 minutes. Audio of lecture participants is poor, but informative if you’re digging for truth.


* Why are past or future events informing your thoughts right now?

* When you are off with the fairies,  is this being present or is it being separate from the present?

* Is the past, future and now a complete package?

* Is solely ‘living in the now’ with disregards for the past and future healthy for you?

Separating yourself from past events maybe detrimental. Working now for the future can be detrimental.



Part One  (0.00 – 15 mins approx.)

Living in the Now with Mother Sha-Riah – Part One

We are amazed that there is this emphasis on this idea of living in the now. Living right now, not looking at the past, and not looking on the future, not worrying about the past, or worrying about the future, and not to regret the past, or plan for the future, and all of this kind of thing. Just to forget that, and just live in the now. This we find very confusing because from the perspective that we are, you are living in the now. There is no trying to live in the now, you are in the now, you are living in the now. Right now I am speaking to you, but already what I have said is in the past, but we are in the now.

This is something that we are amazed at. People spend so much of their time, anguish and energy trying to change the way they live, and their belief system, because they want to live in the now, without actually realising that they are living in the now. They are already here. They try to not look back and have regrets, and not to live in the past, or they try not to look forward and wish, or plan, for a different life, and so on. People are led to believe that by doing that you’re wasting your energy, you are spreading yourself thin, and you can’t focus on what is happening right now, living in the now.

We find this very confusing because you are living in the now, and all of these thoughts and ideas that you are having of the past and the future, you are having them in the now. So, we question this emphasis of living in the now, as if it is something that you are actually not already doing. As if it is something that is so separate from the world you are currently inhabiting, this living in the now, that you must actually strive to do it. And, by striving to do it, it is like you are living in the future, striving for that, instead of just acknowledging that that is what you are actually doing, living in the now. Already you are here.

Every breath that you take, you are doing it right now, not in the past and not in the future. However, it is simultaneously the past and the future when it is the present. So when people are saying focus on the present, live in the now, at the same time the past and the future are happening. So all of these things, the past, the present, and future are all happening together, but if you’re just focusing on the present, saying this is where I want to be now, I can forget everything else, I will just look at where I am now, then you are not actually living a whole life. You are separating yourself from all these things that are going on in the background.

The past, the present, and the future are all happening at the same time. You think that by living in the present, and not worrying about the past and future, that you will be happy. You think that by living in the now, nothing that has happened in the past will bother you, or you will try to suppress anything that does, and by not thinking about the future your attention will not be taken away from what is happening right now. This is why we are confused, and maybe you are confused as well, because that’s what you’re doing anyway, you’re already in the now; already living in the present.

So, we ask you, why are you worrying about living in the now, about having to be present? When people can realise that that’s where they are, that they don’t have to worry about living in the present, or living in the now, because they know they’re already there. And every single thought that they have, whether it’s from the past, or the future, is actually in the present, it is actually happening in the present. You can’t get away from that, anyone who reads this, you can’t get away from the present because that is where you actually live. So, we’re saying please, please don’t try to live in the present, and separate it from all these other aspects of yourself, things that have gone on in the past, or are still running in the past, or things that are in the future.

The more you separate yourself, the more problems you will have. So, please focus yourself, and understand that you are already in the present.

Edited version of a talk by Mother Sha-Riah, 2014

Living in the Now Part 2

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Living in the NOW

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