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How to respond to the different energy peaks in the COVID-19 Corona Virus pandemic.

The main points of this talk are:

  • What do you want from this opportunity?
  • What energies really need your focus
  • Main peaks that you’ll navigate
  • Fantasy check – what really needs to be avoided
  • Digging deep to honour and access the energetic force that created humans and the strong intelligence that guides the group
  • What to do in your community with different peaks and their needs
  • What you can do with your own ability, gifts and leadership capabilities
  • Resilience
  • Learning to adapt, using your creativity
  • Being kind and helpful to your community
  • Being the best human you can be, and forgive yourself and keep moving when you falter

Welcome to everybody.

We are the Ancestral Medicine Women and as you are all aware, all around the world there is a human crisis in-play and there has been a lot of speculation about why, how, who, there’s been a lot of activity to try and curb the flow of the health crisis and there’s been a lot of input. This is creating a lot of fear, a lot of anger, a lot of panic. It’s also creating in some people a different response, one of kindness, one of service, one of positive activity and when you look at everything that is happening you can see that this is a very tight micro-picture, if you like, of the human condition.

“This is the way humans are.”

When we see it in our everyday life, it is sort of flattened out, subdued, so there are peaks where terrible things happen and people respond and then it goes back down into a trough and people behave in particular ways in those peaks and troughs. But right now, we have a prolonged peak, if you like, and this prolonged peak has been going now for, in some places for a few months, and for the rest of the world it is going to be going on for several more months.

So, you have a few things that we can think about in this regard. One is the actual human condition.  How are people going to and when we talk about human condition, we do not mean necessarily physical health, what we mean is the condition of humans how they behave, what they do, how they think, this type of, how they feel, all of this type of thing. Their reactions to all of that and the ebbs and flows that that comes in. We could look at pop culture, this is a very good example of the human condition, the trends that occur and then they fall and then a new one comes and the human condition follows that in different ways and different guises.

At the moment (amidst the Corona pandemic) we have a really clear picture of the human condition, the very best and the very worst. And this is stark because there isn’t in this particular situation, there isn’t actually much of a middle ground. You are either behaving and experiencing and dealing with this situation in a good way, or the best way, or well, or you are dealing in it with a very difficult way, and a panic way and an anger way. So what we, in this regard, what we would say to people is that it’s not helpful perhaps, is what we can say, it’s not helpful to look at this situation as a blip in time, because when you look at it as a blip in time, or a moment in time, then you are looking at it in a very crisis mode. You are looking at it as an acute situation.

For humans to come through this situation, this particular crisis which is going to take, the health crisis is going to be several more months and then you have the fallout from that which could take years. So, this situation right now is not just a crisis moment in time, this is going to go on for some time. So that means we have to start working now, the people that can work now. We have to start working now to flatten out that curve. Some are talking a lot about the flattening out the curve of the infections of this disease, or this illness, but there is another curve that needs to be flattened out, and not everybody can do it, but those people that can do it, we urge you to do it.

So what we are suggesting is that you look at the peak of what is happening at the moment with emotions, with physical activity, with thought processes, with the panic that that is creating, you look at that from an energetic point of view.  If that remains in that situation and the energy really peaks at this moment and it is so intense and so clotted and so jammed packed, then the fallout from that is going to be long, a long time and it is going to take a lot. If you can imagine that this energy is a very sticky gel, it is going to take a long time to make that energy, back into a fluid. If you think of energy as a more etheric substance like steam or something like that, it is going to take ‘a-lot’ to get that very sticky, solid, gel-like substance of energy to come back to that etheric style of energy.

If we remain in this, if everybody is contributing to this sticky gel-style-type of energy, who, what people can start working on moving that energy? To start working on moving that energy so that we are flattening out that curve. So instead of it being at a peak and as we said that peak is going to last for quite a while, we want to move it into this sort of flat, more fluid malleable kind of energy.

The reason that we want to do that is that if we think that the current infectious illness that is causing all of this angst and all of these problems, is going to cause a lot of illness and perhaps a lot of death, then you are in a fantasy-land, because this is not the thing that is going to be the cause of the major deaths and problems in this greater moment. It is going to be this and then all of the energies that are being placed into the panic, the anger, the fear and all of this type of thing, that is what is going to placed and that is going to take a long time coming down/working itself out and as a result, you are going to see more problems, long term problems, after this moment of virus infection and containment. It is going to be much worse.

So if you can start imbuing your community, your family or your workplace, your community not with a lesse-faire attitude, where it doesn’t matter, but with a positive attitude where we are going to get through this. We are kind, we are mature, we are going to work through this as a group, as a community. This is not something that is going to cripple us and stop us. Yes, people are going to die, yes people are going to have long term problems because of this, but if as a community we can rise up in a positive way, in a way that is supportive and by this we don’t just mean finances, we are not talking about those, the physical attributes of human existence, we are talking about that deep-seated energetic force that actually created the human group. We are talking about that deep-seated, energetic, strong, intelligence that moves the human group. That’s what we are talking about, that’s where we want people to think about going.

Now, you can do this through any means that you have. You might find that for you, you meditate. So instead of meditating on yourself or to calm yourself, you are meditating so that you actually want to send the energy out from you into your community. And that energy would be one of perhaps, resilience, or adaptation, adapting. It might be one of calm, it might be one of love. Whatever it is from you that you see in your community that could be strengthened, not changed, strengthened. Strengthened because the energies will already be there. The attributes will already be there. You want to strengthen those.

So you want to strengthen all of these positive energies so that the energies that are currently being strengthened, the fear and the anger and the panic and this attitude of: “I have to do it for me and I have to protect me and my family” and all of these very destructive practices in this peak. We are wanting to flatten that peak out by sending out there that you will have enough food and so on, because we are resilient, we do adapt, we do come together as communities. We do, that’s what we do. If you think about this idea of social distancing, the fact that they have to enforce a rule of social distancing, tells us that we are a social group and we like to be together and not only do we like to be together, we like to work together.

So let’s try, try if you can, if you are one of those people who can separate yourself from that ‘herd group’, separate yourself from all of that anger and panic and destructive activities that are going on in communities where people know each other, well they are not supporting each other.

If you can send these energies out there, whichever way you do it. As we said you might do it through meditation, you might organise a virtual sing-along over the internet, which might sound something that’s very superficial, but getting people together in that way and singing, you are actually creating, not only an environment where people are coming together, but something that really lifts the heart, really lifts the spirit, but also is really working the lungs and working the core of the body to really, so that energy starts to flow, because what also is happening now, is everybody is aware of how this corona virus attacks, so people are closing down energetically those areas of their bodies.

Because they don’t want to be affected by the illness. Absolutely, we absolutely understand that, but in doing that you are closing energy centres of your body which actually help the movement of disease or energies that relate to illnesses and disease.

So, we don’t want to clamp down on those, but we actually want to make sure that those energies pathways are free to move and to move things on, so singing is one way that not only do you create a community, you lift the spirits. You provide connection for people that may not be having any kind of connection. You are also providing this experience, this opportunity to open up the energy pathways that allow energy to flow in the very areas that the illness of this infection affects and that people are closing down on.

They are energetically, they are closing down on these areas.

So, for us, the message to everybody is to really start to look at the way that the human group, not just you, but the way the human group is behaving in this particular crisis and see that it is in a sticky gel, energetic peak and if we don’t start working on that now, that sticky gel-like energetic peak is going to be a lot harder to move later on when this crisis has actually, the infection crisis has passed. Then we have to deal with the human group in a totally different way and no amount of economic stimulus or money given to people, is going to do that. Only the human group themselves, on an energetic level can do that.

So for those that can, we really urge you to do. However you meet the world with your energetic skills or with your healing work, however, you meet the world, start to, in whatever way, start to send that message out, start to get that gel into a flow so that it can just flow out of the peak into a flattened curve. So, there are the Governments and the health communities of the world are trying to flatten the peak of the illness infections, but what we want to do is to flatten the peak of the energetic hold that the humans have placed on this illness and flatten that out so that, not just for now, but for the future, for the next several years, the fallout and the aftermath from this crisis, this moment in history, in human history is not going to be the thing that actually causes the most problem and the thing that has the potential to destroy many, many, many people and communities.

We would like to send to everybody this kind of energy. We would like to send to you an energy of love and resilience, adaptational, learning to adapt, of joy, of creativity, of this sort of energy that really buoys you, that really keeps you up. Really sets you up to see and to be kind and to be helpful and to be supportive to your community. To assist you and other people around you to be the best that you can be.  To be the best human you can be.

Yes, of course, you are going to falter, don’t feel bad about that, just accept that that’s part of the human condition, but stand up again and move forward with this idea and this energy and this desire to be the best human you can be in this instance. And being the best human does not mean that you are helping everybody else and that’s part of it, but being the best human means that you are not submitting to the panic. You are not submitting to the anger, to the fear. You are not joining those groups of people where that’s where they would naturally go or that’s where they’re being herded into, or that’s where they actually find their power and can start controlling like these people who are hoarding food and they’re going to expect to be selling it on the black market.

These people are part of that group, but they are there for the power aspect of it, not just because they’re fearful or panicked, but they see the fear, they see the panic and they have honed in on it and they are herding more people into that so that they have an element of power when in that group. Move away from that. Move away from that.

Start to look at yourself as a self-sufficient human being. A human being that can feed their own emotional status. Their own emotional standing. A human being that can look at themselves and see the creativity in them. See how they can deal with situations from the creative point.  See yourself as someone who is kind and who wants to be supportive of not just them, their community and the people around them, but of themselves wants to support themselves. Be the kind of person who really wants to lift yourself above the quagmire of this situation and lift other people with you. This is the energy that is going to get us through and get us out of this situation.

It is not the ‘panic’. It is not the money that is being poured into it. It is not the anger and the fear and this isolation, because the interesting part is, we are requiring people self-isolate, we are requiring people to social distancing, but what this is also doing, is actually people are energetically isolating themselves, to they, as for them, they are really trying to, these divisions being created all over the place. This is not helpful, even in the long term. It might seem helpful now, but it’s not for the long term.

So, start moving out of that mindset. Start moving into this energetic experience of this is part of the human experience what is happening now, how are we going to deal with that human experience and what kind of human do we want to come out of it?

Do we want the very worst of the human experience to come out of it – the anger, the panic, the fear, all of these things where the people are for themselves and pushing other people away? Or do we want, is this an opportunity for the human group, actually, because this is a world-wide situation.

This is an opportunity for the whole human group to make a move.

What do we want that move to be?  

What do we want that move to be?

Do we want it to be a stronger human group, by this we don’t mean immune to some diseases or you know, physically stronger, we are talking about the energetic, energetically do we want a stronger, better, the best of the human group, of the human condition. Do we want that to be shining? If you can have that as your picture, you know that is where we are going and that is the energy, we need to be placing into this current situation into ourselves and into our communities.

The other thing that is interesting is that this particular health situation has totally eclipsed the franticness, the frantic activity that was surrounding climate change for humans. The side that was yes and the side that was no. It has totally eclipsed it. There is no talk, there is no discussion, there is no activity on that scale at all. However, the interesting thing is that what has happened because of this situation, is that, cities are clearing of pollutions. Waterways are clearing of pollution.

Humans are being able to see, now, what their life could be like without all of this pollution.

Now we are not saying that people are not going back to work and the pollution will resume, we are not saying that people have to continue living like this, that is not working and creating the pollution, but what we are saying is: It’s interesting that there was the activity for the climate change over the past year or so, longer, has been frantic. It has been, there has been from side to side and there has been so much in everybody’s presence and in everybody’s face, then this situation occurs, and that is gone.

That is something that we would suggest that people ponder on.

Is this another moment?  Have we created this moment in time, again, because to move us to a new human condition?  One where we are actually, actively working, not just talking about working, not just setting targets for working, but actually working on a cleaner earth. A better earth. You see, this situation that has been created, and we have created it, humans have created it from the energetic to the physical it has been created by humans, there are so many possibilities in the outcome of this.

Let’s focus on those positive, uplifting, new, best human conditions.

And how can we create that NOW. Because now is when we need to create it. We’ve started the creation process, we can stop it now because we have this thick, this sticky gel of energy surrounding our current health crisis, or we can start to move, continue the movement, that we created, into the best human condition for ourselves and for our beautiful, beautiful, ever-loving, ever-giving, ever-supporting earth.

Many blessing to you all and we really hope that if you are ill, you know that you have the love of us and many, many people around you and we really hope that for everybody, this situation is the most positive experience that humans in many generations to come, will have.

Thank you so much and much love and blessings to you.

Thank you.

The Mothers (Ancestral Medicine Women)


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