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Herbs are for Everyday No. 5

If you are one of the blessed group of people that have the space to grow your own herbs, and do, we offer here some advice for your health and well-being.

Remember that we have said previously that herbs know their purpose and they thrive, and become more potent and efficacious, when that purpose is utilised and thus realised. For the human this is like finding gold, because the herb is not growing for itself but for those that use it for it’s purpose. In this way the herb is growing for you. You are it’s nurturer, it’s human, and so it grows for you and your (and your family’s) needs.

How does this work?

Simply put, the plant reads you. From the beginning, when you choose it, prepare the soil and plant the seeds/seedling, to the tending, growing and harvesting, the plant is reading you and trying to fulfill it’s purposeful contract with you; to provide for you everything that you require for health and well-being. If you understand this, acknowledge it and honour it, then you create the possibility of going even further – asking the herb plant to provide for you in a particular way. And no, we are not joking.

If you, or your family, have any kind of ailment, physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, and you have planted certain herbs in your garden that you know generally aid in the relief of the ailment, then you can ask the herb to become specifically purposeful to your needs. You see, the herb will work anyway, but if you touch it with a particular intent in your being it will feel/read that intent and set to work to provide for you. Similarly, if you speak to the plant and allow your breath to touch the plant, it will absorb the breath and read the deficiencies physically as well as the intention behind the words. In this way, teh herb becomes like a locked on torpedo, it does not spend valuable energy on general coverage, but goes straight to the prescribed target. Now, how does this possibility make you feel?

Essentially, we are telling you that you can control, and buoy, your own healing, you can decide how your body will respond, you become completely responsible for your health and well-being. Does that not excite you? If you have any questions, please post them and we will do our best to respond to them.

Next time we will be starting a series of articles on developing your own “Physic Garden”. This is a lifelong project, but one that is filled with learning, knowledge, exploration, enlightenment, hope and soul fulfillment.

We wish you all well for the coming week, and send many blessings to those that are on the spiritual path to “lives”-long health and well-being.


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Ancestral Medicine Women, 2015
Channelled by Caroline Allinson-Dunn

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