Ancestral Medicine Women

Wild Plains Medicine Circle – 2020 Intention

Our circle each year has an intention, which might be different or the same as we see the energies for the year.

Year 2020 will be in the theme of Expanding/Expansion:

  • expanding the self
  • expanding one’s understanding
  • expanding the spirit self
  • expanding in a range of practical things like thinking, consciousness, kindness
  • expanding enough to be able to accept new things like the Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, the non-believer as examples.
  • expanding your knowledge on how you fit into your community, group, country, etc.

Newcomers will sense this is the right time to join the group, and all the many groups before have built and energy which they can come in on and experience and develop with. This energy will be in the room, the group, with Caroline, with Brad/Hinorayam, in the ethers. So all this past work will support you.

Our circle has a robust healing methodology which we have had in place since 2013. Most of the steps in this methodology is about processing the information, self-knowledge, family and group knowledge, previously hidden knowledge etcetera, and this processing happens at many levels including the spirit, mind, emotional, body, ancestral, family, community and Gaia etcetera. Each time you expand, you must process that new knowledge and awareness. We seem the need for some people to expand and then process the granular, others with detail and accuracy, which makes it seemingly slow, for others they might go wide and quick. Your nature and consciousness will drive this and we’ll support that expansion in the circle, the way it suits you. (your totem might reveal the answers to your processing nature if that aspect of you frustrates you, like many other people)

So we’ll expand and push you as far as you can go, keeping you elastic enough to still have a buffer to expand a bit further as needed to process what you discover AND keep moving forward, getting the most out of the year, your life, your circumstances.

Any questions, ask Brad/Hinorayam 0401155484  in daylight hours or Caroline 0431415009 on after hours through to 9pm.