Ancestral Medicine Women

Runes – Healing and Teaching Runes

If you want to take responsibility, use the runes. They push things into your awareness, they give what you need to start that journey of ownership.

These runes are at a fundamental level will be more demanding than tarot, these are designed to be more direct, pointed, more demanding. You can fall into the tarot, the colour the masculine and feminine, and be bathed in that energy, but rune is like, make a choice, be strong, or be weak or be hopeful or hopeless, but either way, accept your choice and act on the knowledge of the rune’s insight.

Runes were used to help a king decide to go to war or not. He would be given knowledge either way of the outcome, he had to make a choice and take responsibility for this choice and outcomes. These suit if you want something finite and strong to grasp on you journey. Alot of people in the traditional times they would do runes to get messages or to clarify situations. This is what runes were about.

These runes are not like that, because these runes are healing and teaching runes.

So every time you pick a rune, it is there, the one that you pick is a healing rune. So it is going to, your question or your intention is there, and beneath that, beneath your question, your intention, there is requirement for healing. Not for knowledge necessarily, maybe knowledge will lead you to healing, but it is underneath whatever it is you want.

The thing that is troubling you the thing that needs clarification. Why? It needs healing, that is what it needs, so, that what these runes are, they are healing runes, they are not going to give you the answer. They are not, they are going to draw out of you, the thing that needs to be healed, and then they are going to give it the energy of the rune from this rune of that kind of healing from the rune, whether is it hope or strength or movement, whatever, they are going to give that situation, the healing and that is what is what you get, you may not actually get an answer.

For example: “Will I marry, this man?”

In other kinds of runes , they would say, yes you are a good match, or look aways or what have you, cryptic message sometimes, but they could be and answer and action. That is not what these runes are about.

These are healing runes, so that are not going to with your question and the umbrella, they are going to say yes or no, or maybe try this, try that, it is not going to be that, it is actually going to be looking underneath why you are asking these type of questions. That is the healing around that that needs to be healed, to be actioned. And that is the rune you will get and that it is what they will be doing, it is healing, behind the question, behind the intention.

What kind of healing? It is going to be different for each rune.

Hope is one thing, Life, I believe that is all another type of healing, but the question that you have, is like the key, it’s the clue to what is actually the importance of is, what needs the healing, and that’s what these healing rune share, they are healing runes, they are also teaching runes, because where these runes have come from is healers, but also a healer is a teacher, because it is passed on through the generations, so yes, many of these healers aren’t intuitive healers, they
had to be taught their trade. It is the same thing, these are healing and teaching runes. That is what these are.