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Course: Divine your own Totem

“A totem defines you. It explains your thoughts, behaviours, likes, dislikes, fears, joys, relationships, in short, your life.”

~ Mother Sha-Riah


Naturistic shamanism is all about connection, and knowing yourself is a cornerstone in understanding your connection with the universe.

Imagine that there is a mirror in nature that just reflects you perfectly. We mean so perfectly that is also reminds you of your difficult-ness, your awkwardness as well as your amazing hidden and known attributes and strengths. In difficult times or when you are reflecting on “what the hell happened then” or “why is this so hard”, you can look at your mirror in nature and get clarity on who you are, which helps you reliably decipher what happens when you connect with your universe.

In our lineage and tradition, your mirror in nature is your totem. It is not limited to animals, it is the one thing that is able to reflect you clearly, without compromise.

As you get to know, and own, your totem, you will see people treat you differently. More importantly, you will treat yourself differently. You have a new, clearer boundary, and you’re aware of your ability to defend your boundaries and ideas. Others will be able to come closer to you, because you know what works better for you.

The Shamanic Totem Course will be directed by facilitated by Hinorayam (Bradley Dunn- apprenticed Shamanic Healer since 2013 to Mother Sha-Riah. 

The course will run over 4+ sessions, consisting of 3 group sessions over Skype and 1 private session, also over Skype, across a two week period. The group sessions will be designed to lead you on your own personal journey to discover your totem. The private session will focus on clarifying and analysing your totem, and will include how your totem defines you, what its strengths and weaknesses are, and how it can support and help you in your life.

The four session course format:

The 1st session (1.5 hours) will be a guided journey meditation, to prepare the space, mind, and spirit for the divination of your totem.

The 2nd session (1.5 hours) will be a shamanic journey that will open up the way for the totem to appear to, and commune with, you.

The 3rd session (1 hours) will also be a shamanic journey designed to solidify the totem’s reality and check that it is your totem.

The 4th, and private, session (approximately 1 hour over phone, SKYPE or ZOOM) will a channelled session with Brad and will discuss your totem in some detail.

Each session will involve discussion and journaling.

What people say about the totem course:

Weeks after the course:


Three months after the course:

“Discovering my totem has enlarged my view of myself, my strengths and my challenges. My totem has provided a sense of coherence, a model that explains patterns in my life and my reactions to experience. My totem is both a companion, walking with me on this journey, and a teacher, helping me to find self understanding and begin to achieve a self-love that has been lacking. Being able to identify in particular the many very admirable strengths of my totem and see how those strengths are reflected in me is supporting a growing sense of self confidence and self worth. ~ J.D. NSW, Australia

Nine Months after the course:

“The Totem course was without a doubt one of the most meaningful experiences I have had in my life. It has allowed me to understand more about myself and about the way I deal with everything around me. It gave me clarity and confidence to be myself and respect my own needs and boundaries. I would extremely recommend the course to everyone that is looking for some clarity about their ownselves, it is a priceless journey. Brad and Caroline gave me support throughout this process and I can not express how grateful I am about it. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.” ~ F.S. – Queensland, Australia.

Online Course – via SKYPE:

Please contact Brad for a private delivery of this course:

$350-00 for the Journeys and two coaching sessions that help you integrate this amazing investment in yourself.

Sydney and Cairns Residential Courses:

These are a weekend event, and prices are geared to venue costs, typically cities venues are more expensive.

Please contact Brad to register your interest for the next delivery in your city.

For more detail with the description of Swan as a totem: Totem Course Brochure – for web 2020  (prices have changed to this).