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Love – “Do your work series”

When we say this welcome, it is from The Ancestral Medicine Women and many blessings to you all and thank you for listening.

Female_Toque macaque with baby: by Senthi Aathavan Senthilverl CC BY-SA 4_0

The thing that we want to talk about now is LOVE.

Now for some people, Love is incredibly simple and for other people very complex. For some people, if you don’t love yourself then you can’t love other people.

For other people, and for the majority of the human group, it is much easier to love everyone else and not to love yourself. But when you’re doing your work, because this is what we are talking about, not love as a simple or complex concept whether you love yourself first, others first or vise-versa.

We are talking about love in the context or in the understanding of “doing your work”.

Doing your work, as we previously spoken about is difficult, is hard work, it is however it is an adventure. It is your life journey it is not just about one thing here and one thing there, healing this and healing that, it is the whole picture, the whole path, the whole journey.

So, when we are talking about that in relation to love, there are a few avenues that can perhaps be discussed. Of course, there is this idea of loving what you are doing. Loving the fact that doing your work is a life journey, is an adventure and that might sound that’s a little bit trite and to-love what you are doing is not part of the journey. But when you love something, you love what you are doing it’s so much easier to do it and when there are difficulties, if you can fall back on that anchor, but I am on my journey and I love that, then the difficulty is still there – but you have this anchor of “OK, this is a difficult, but it is part of my journey and I love my journey, I love the adventure that I’m on”.

And so you have that anchor, but for many people the idea of something becomes difficult and it throws you back and stops you from doing what you’re doing, it allows you to be depressed, it allows you to get upset and so-on, for those people to then say, “Oh, but I love it” – it seems false, it seems like I’m just saying it, I’m not meaning it. We have found though that sometimes it needs to become a habit. You need to choose love.

Actively choose love. We are not saying in choosing that, automatically and immediately the difficulty and the disappointment and whatever is going along with that will disappear. Not at all. But what happens is instead of allowing yourself fall into the quagmire of the difficulty, you actually have this lifeline that you can hold onto. You might still be down there in the quagmire, but you won’t fall into it so deeply. So you have this life-line of love and love of what I am doing. So you hold onto that, and that becomes your habit. Your habit is when the difficulty occurs you feel yourself moving into that quagmire and you can physically or mentally, whatever, reach up and grab that life-line of love, the life-line of love of my journey, love of my adventure, love of the work that I am doing on my life journey. I love that, so whilst I’m down here in the quagmire I know that that is really me. That love is really me.

The other aspect of love when you are doing your work is that remember that when we talk about doing your work, we are talking about it being a conscious activity.

In the world today you see so many people, groups of people that love something then something happens and they turn on that and the love is taken away. The love is not there anymore. In fact, it is replaced with hate, irritation, distrust or mistrust and so on. So that love that was there before and totally disappeared and what is left there is like this chasm of total unpleasantness, total unhappiness.

When you are consciously doing your work, you are going to come up against people that reflect you back to yourself. So you look at somebody and they are doing something, and it so irritates you or you really dislike that person and very often it triggers something with in you, it may not be necessarily about you or a part of you, it might be an experience that you’ve had that’s caused a distress for you and so on, but the point is that your love will, any love that you have, will immediately become tarnished.

So if you are consciously and meaningfully doing your work though, you immediately pounce on that and instead of, well you can spend time analysing and opening it out which is exactly what we would say to you to do, but in that moment

you want to remain in that space of love, that energy of love – that anything is possible, anything can happen, everything is worthy. Everyone has the right to live and the right to be who they are.

And so, in that moment instead of falling into your own irritation and your own disgust and what have you, you remain, you pull yourself back and you remain in that space of love.

Now the person that you are looking at may have done some absolutely terrible, terrible things, and it does not mean you are on their side, that you are forgiving them. This is about you. So, you can still not like what has happened, dislike or find disgusting or repulsive, whatever it is they’ve done or who they are, but you do not want to fall into that energy. You want to remain in love and in that energy of love is strength.

In the energy of hate and disgust it looks like this causes people to action and looks like people are strong, but it actually makes you weak because very often it’s reactive and the energy that is used is an energy of heightened energy which dissipates. You can’t maintain it. In the love energy there is a strength, there is a breath, there is a balance and with that energy, anything is possible.

So, when you’re doing your work and you’re doing it consciously and you find yourself in any kind of difficulty find the place of love, your understanding of love, find it and put yourself in there. Plant yourself in that place. All these others things are still going to be going on, but you are going to find your strength there because sometimes you have to be the strong one for a whole group of people. You have to be that one. It doesn’t mean that you don’t go to the fight. That’s not it at all, but you’re not going to go to the fight with this debilitating energy of hate. This debilitating energy that heightens the human response, the physical human response which cannot be maintained.

When it cannot be maintained any longer that’s when people start to grab, this shrillness comes into action. You want to remain in the station of love, because that is where real work can be done. Real work which is your work.

So, find that space of love, know what it means to you and LOVE: Do Your Work.