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The Crone Zone – Talk No. 1 – The Concept

This short series of talks has been channeled to encourage people in their mature years to take their role as a crone in the community. Talk No.1 overview:   Crone has a bad connotation/stigma A definition for Crone as a concept and a time of life Realisation period Transition period Women have menopause as a signal of change, but what is...

Making a Canoe – Merging Aspects of Man and Nature

Shaman Mother Ehrith tells us how young men in her time were taught to merge aspects of themselves, the tree, the seal and the water together, so that their canoe would be absolutely at home in the water. It’s a journey. An edited excerpt: “I was a shaman and lived in a village that was quite settled, we were not really nomadic, although...