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Crone Zone – Talk No.2 – Four distinct attributes of Health for a Crone

This short series of talks has been channeled to encourage people in their mature years to take their role as a crone in the community. You can use this knowledge to get the most out of your life and sharing it with others can enhance the well-being and thus efficacy of crone leadership in your community. For fun: a 26 second blooper where we cut...

Healing with Song – a song healer’s story.

Mother Bethania healed with song and sound, sing to the tissues that need to support. Watery tissues need a different sound to dense tissues. For those doing Theta, Reconnective, Reiki healing, you will find this another dimension worth thinking about. Listen to her story below.     : Play in new window | Download

Are you Over-weight or Over-burdened?

We discuss here overweight as an issue, not obesity, which  we see is a separate issue. Weight and overweight is subjective to many things, including cultural bias and we address the idea that there is happy over-weight and an unhappy overweight. We discuss briefly this topic, please share with those who might benefit from this fresh insight to...

Knowledge of Crystals – Mother Bonn

Mother Bonn, is an ancient Medicine Woman, with what seems like a superior approach to self healing. She lived in a time when healing knowledge was not exclusive to the healer, before humans specialised in work and study. She offers some interesting comments on the crystalline grid, knowledge in crystals, the longevity and efficacy of...