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 * All Paid sessions are recorded and sent to you via drop box (or other electronic means if requested)

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Our different consultations:

30 minute “Relief & Clarity Consultation” via SKYPE or Phone (Channeled Live)

– We bring hundreds of conferring Medicine Women around you, so you can expect brilliant clarity into your situation and what’s contributing to your experience. For many people this brings a lot of comfort and relief just knowing themselves so clearly.
– essential – to done only in a private space, your home, for instance.
– Try something that you will remember for life!
Price: AUD $80-00 (US$61-00 @ 20th Jan. 2017)


60 minute Clarity Healing or Transformation Support Consultation via SKYPE or Phone (Channeled in-part – Live)

– Get clear on what you really want and the pathways to get there
– Insightful analysis and remedies
– Live, dynamic consultation & discussions with the Medicine Women
– Commune with the Ancestral Medicine Women, Brad and Caroline to expand your consciousness in “working with yourself” or “your healing”
Price: AUD $105-00  (US$80-00 @ 20th Jan. 2017)


MindBody Constellation Workshops – are for those who want to live their life. (Up-to six hours of consultation time)

– Release old energies that are either generational or insidiously complex in their nature.
– Stated price here is an indication of the maximum price.
– Done over Skype privacy of your own home or in Workshops (Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns Australia).

– This service includes generally four parts:

A clarity/analysis session before your constellation,
The Constellation – either a “Why”, assets, or alignment constellation – 2-3 hours
A follow up session to help you walk your new life out on the street,
supported by a transformation methodology, so you can navigate bringing changes to the life you want to live.

Price: AUD $405-00


Akashic Readings – 45-90 minutes (advanced integration only).

Every lifetime, breath, step, choice, emotion and connection, no matter how faint, it is recorded on the Akashic Grid, so humans can use this as a tool later in their evolution.
Akashic readings are good to integrate with your healing plan…
– If you’re frustrated about how life is for you right now, and you’d like to know/see/hear/feel why you chose that scenario, then you’re ready for your reading.
– Caroline accesses a reader specific to your consciousness, to uncover the mysteries on why now is so, and why you chose that.
– If you’re looking for something thorough, we promise to deliver here absolutely!

Price: AUD $105-00

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My Initial 30min. Free Clarity Consultation $0-00
A 60min. Clarity Consultation with the Mothers $105-00
A MindBody Constellation with Pre & Post Consultations $405-00
A 45-90min. Akashic Record Consultation $105-00
A Shamanic Healing Journey $105-00
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