Ancestral Medicine Women

When humans can get over their obsession with abundance, they will be able to get on with their existence and the myraid of existences in each life.

Then we hear, “oh but Mothers, my need for abundance is all about more love, more joy, friends, experiences, flow,.. yadaya…” Then we notice when the money stops, everything comes to a halt… they feel unlovable, unworthy, they can’t socialise as they’d like because their core abundance factor “money” is not flowing for that period.

For this reason and others, we believe abundance consciousness is limiting.

Here, we are on the record for this position, and hope humanity can move past this obsession.

We, the Mothers, the Ancestral Medicine Women are more interested on your existence and the constraints known and unknown that limit your expansion as a  spirit having a human experience.

We also wish to foster a community of medicine people. Hang around if you’d like to go for expanding your existence and the myriad of existences that make up your life as a lover, wife, husband, parent, child, acquaintance, healer, being, spirit, mentor, student, traveller and so on.

Warmest wishes,
Brad, Caroline and the Mothers (Ancestral Medicine Women)

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Brad Dunn / Hinorayam

Hi, I'm Brad.
The Ancestral Medicine Women are a lineage of healers from my Mothers ancestral line, and I'm delighted to be able to share the experience of these amazing people from our past.
I am an apprenticed shaman and healer. I have more than 10 years consulting experience, and a love for spirit, gardening, farming and people.