Ancestral Medicine Women
Human Angel by Eva Rinaldi

From our Empathic Path Series

As I walked home today I met an angel. We didn’t stop to talk, it just fell in step beside me and walked along with me. I don’t know how I knew that it was an angel, I just did. I felt my stride lengthen and my step lighten. I felt my insides churning and releasing. I felt my mind reach breaking point, and then burst. I felt my body weaken and fall. I felt myself being lifted up by the angel, even though it did not break stride with me, or move in any other way but straight ahead. I felt my burden lift, the burden that had been haunting me for days. The burden that had built up to such a degree, I thought that I would die. I thought that I would lose my grip on my reality. I watched as my burden was taken from me by the angel calmly, ably, and with dignity. I felt a rush of freedom, release and love, feelings that I have not experienced for the longest time.

Later, when I tried to remember what had happened, I realised that it was not an angel that I had met, but you. I met you in the street and for a split second we did stop and talk, with our eyes, senses, and mind. You must have seen my unseen burden, and in your quiet self known that I was unable to cope and that you were able to help me. You were my angel. You were my human giver of freedom, peace, release and love. I do not know you but I do know that you were my angel today. I may not know you if we meet again, but I hope that I do because today you were my gift from the universe and I hope that one day I can thank you.

In my need to know you I have looked for you in literature, art, music and the media and I have found out what kind of angel you are – you are an empath. I have found out that you may have chosen to help me, or it may have just happened because you were open to me and my burden. For this alone I thank and honour you because you did that without thought, agenda, need, desire, or greed. You instinctively allowed your energy to be used by another human being that you have no relation to, no knowledge of, and no need to help. I hope that the next time I come across one such as you I will recognise them and offer my own energy as a support for their conscious and unconscious work.

Thank you for your gift, please continue with your work because those that are like me cannot do their work without those that are like you.
Please share if this has been meaningful to you.
The Ancestral Medicine Women, April 2016.
Channelled by Caroline Allinson-Dunn
Copyright 2016.

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