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Welcome, we are the Ancestral Medicine Women. We thank you so much for listening to us.
We have a ‘Theme Of The Year’: of ‘Shattering Expectations’ and we are doing talks every now and then on different aspects of this theme, so that you can bring this idea into your life.
So today we would like to talk about ‘Courage’ and courage at the moment is quite a topic perhaps in the forefront of a lot of people’s existence
The Hero/Heroine:
We now see all the time there are people in our environment who are doing work, who are helping, who are in many ways dealing with situations in a particular way and they are called Heroes. We are going to use the word hero and accept that it encompasses everybody (Heroine).
But when you look at these people who are being considered as heroes, many of them are just doing their job. They are doing the job that they are employed for; they are doing the job that they love, but they are doing their job.
But because all around us there is this feeling of threat, then they become heroes because whenever there is a threat and somebody does their job, they are heroes to those people around them.
And you often hear many times people say: I’m just doing my job. I am not a hero; I am just doing my job’.
So, it’s interesting that that’s their experience but when those around them are feeling under threat then they are doing their job but they are heroes.
So, if we look at a human being and we look at this idea of shattering expectations, we ask ourselves what is the job of a human being? What is the job? So not the work that you do i.e.: paramedic, doctor, nurse, sales assistant, teacher, and so on but: What is the job of a human being?
From our point of view, from a spiritual point of view, the job of a human being is to improve. Is to develop. Is to be the most they can be, to be more than they feel they can be, to enlighten themselves and then enlighten those around them and in that process, enlighten the human group.
That’s what we see the job of a human and it’s done on an energetic or perhaps you like the word spiritual. It’s done in that way.
So when you look at something like ‘Shattering Expectations’ and if we just focus on those expectations let’s say that come from the family, from the ancestral group, then if you are one of these people that looks at that expectation and says: ‘I don’t want to do that anymore. That’s not who I am anymore’ and you stop doing that thing, that is a shattering of an expectation of the family group, of the ancestral group.
That causes a feeling of threat to those around, it causes anguish, grief, fear, anger, anxiety, a whole range of emotions come up. For some it actually also has a feeling of elation: ‘Oh thank goodness somebody is doing it. I did not have the guts’. So, somebody else is doing it and they will sit around and watch and see what happens.
So, this idea of expectations that is no longer being enacted by one person, let’s just say in the family group, can cause a lot of all of those things, anxiety and it causes a threat to the fabric of the group.
In that process of not fulfilling the expectations, the acting on the expectation, there is this energy that is created which can cause problems for a lot of people.
This is the point that people tend to fall back into the expectation because it becomes really difficult.
We are not saying that when this happens that person is not brave, that they do not encourage, because in the first place, they did it, they did it so they had some courage there to do it.
But where the courage is, if we can consider that doing your job as a human is to enlighten yourself, others and so on around you and bring the human group, the smaller group that you are in or the human group to a different place, developing and growing and improving, where the courage comes in of doing the job of the human, is to stick with the shattering of the expectation.
If you can image that there is this expectation, it could be anything and you decide you as the person ‘I’m not going to do that anymore’ and image it as a mirror and it is like you pick up that expectation and you throw it on the ground and it shatters everywhere into hundreds, thousands of different pieces.
And how difficult it is to bear the burden of that, to bear that burden of all that shattering, and to look at the disaster and the chaos that it has caused.You can see how that can cause anxiety and grief and anger for people around you.
And how difficult it is to bear the burden of that, to bear that burden of all that shattering and to look at the disaster and the chaos that it has caused.
You can see why people decided I am not going to worry about it, I am just going back to it because this is very difficult, this is awful what have I done.
And that’s where the courage comes in. That’s where the heroes are made in that moment when that person says this is very difficult, this is chaos, I have caused problems, I have done that, but I know or I feel that that old expectation is not right for me. It might be right for others, but its not right for me.
By exploring this and by doing this, this way, by shattering this expectation, by not fulfilling it, by not succumbing to it, not following in the line of everybody else but actually shattering it, now we have the opportunity to look at all of those parts that it shattered into and decide which are the ones, if any, we want to keep and we create a new mirror.
Now that new mirror might not be complete, it might not be beautiful, it might not be all the pieces fitting in together perfectly like a puzzle, but it is a new way of being.
That’s really what you are doing when you shatter an expectation, you are looking for a new way of being.
A new way of being human.
A new way of leading or encouraging, or developing yourself as a human and the group around you and then the wider group of humans to a new way, a new possibility.
When people can stick with that, they are really heroes. They might not feel it. People might not applaud them, they might in fact condemn them, but it’s very interesting when you look at things that have happened generations before.
Look at this Nicola Tesla. It’s a very good example. All of the things he did were understood by some to be very good, but it didn’t suit the expectations of the time, it didn’t suit the way that people wanted to live, so in many respects it was shut down, it was pushed aside, it was ridiculed, it was condemned.
Now many generations after it is considered one of the main ways that the human group can move forward. Still it is being condemned, it is being ridiculed, it is being questioned, but there is enough momentum now. There is enough shattering of that expectation and coming together, still not a perfect mirror, not the perfectly fitted together, still there are holes, or there are spaces to fill in, but it’s there enough for it to be taking shape and for the change to be occurring.
So, when you are in any situation where you need to shatter an expectation, courage is something that is going to be probably the most important thing that you take with you. Creativity is there, empathy is there, compassion, needs, desire, happiness, joy, but courage is the thing that is going to push it into a new state, into a new era.
The people that can stick with it are often condemned, often ridiculed, often made to look like they are wrong, conspiracy theorist and so on and so on, but that’s because challenging, because it is challenging the current expectation and that’s very fear-inducing.
But these people eventually will be understood as heroes because they are doing the job of the human, which is not to keep the human in one place, it is not to suppress the human the group we are talking about now, it is not to condemn, it is not to send backwards. The job of the human is to keep going. It’s to keep moving, it’s to keep developing, it’s to keep experiencing, its to keep challenging and trying, it is to bring enlightenment and not enlightenment in that very broad sense, but just sometimes its enlightenment of a very small thing and that develops the group and then the group can move on and the group can get bigger and the group can understand themselves in a totally different way and the group can enjoy a feeling of happiness and joy and achievement that maybe they’ve never been able to experience before.
So, if you ever think that shattering an expectation is too hard, is too much work, you are right. It’s a lot. It’s hard and it is a lot of work, but always remember that you might have a particular job as a human, but you have another job, a much bigger job, a much more important job as a human and if you can focus on that, courage will ride you through.
Shattering expectations is not easy. It takes a lot of courage, it takes a lot of thought, it takes a lot of creativity, but if it is done with this idea that it is going to move a group of people whether that’s a small group or a large group with that particular expectation is keeping people down we need to change it even if its slightly. Shattering that expectation, being the one that does it and being the one that holds the space might be difficult, in fact it is difficult, but the job of a human is as important as any other job that the human does.Therefore, ‘Shattering Expectations’ can be considered a vital part of the human condition.
Many blessings to you all and thank you so much. Thank you.

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