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Welcome, this is the Ancestral Medicine Women and many blessings to you all, thank you for listening.

And we wanted to do a short talk today on something that is often asked of us, and that something is that people want us to predict and want us to tell them what is going to happen in the future for them or if I do this what will the outcome be. And we always say to people, often we have to say from the very beginning before we even get them to ask us any questions, we tell them  ‘we do not predict.’ We explain to them why we don’t predict and we thought it would be helpful for others to understand the idea of prediction and what that means for you in the longer term or in the larger picture.

So, the reason that we don’t predict is because we really understand the human being as an entity or an energy that has “choice”. And importantly, choice is something that has to be really understood, really accepted, acknowledged, and acted on. The responsibility for choice needs to be totally accepted, acknowledged and acted on. And finally, the accountability for the choice made is acknowledged, accepted and acted on.

So, we believe that when something is predicted and the person either allows that to happen, or creates the space for that to happen, or expects that to happen, it does several different things:

  1. It can direct a person to that outcome, whether or not that outcome was always going to happen or not, is totally irrelevant, it directs them into that outcome.
  2. And probably the biggest thing is, is that it is limiting, because of the direction to an outcome.

If you think of the universe, the infinite nature of the universe and the unlimiting nature of the universe, and if we are part of that universe, in many respects therefore we have the opportunity of the possibility of an infinite nature. If we are put into a bubble or if we have conformities placed around us or we are told: this is what is going to happen. Then we are placing limits upon ourselves and others to get them to perform, to get them to an act, and to get them to create in very particular ways.

So, whilst somebody might ask us advice, they might ask us for direction and so on, we might give them that in a way that gives them different opportunities, different possibilities. But we would never say this is what you must do and this is what is going to happen because immediately the limit has been placed. There is no necessarily going further than that, going to the sideways of that, going backwards, going down, going up, there is the limit: ‘this is what you can expect.’

What happens then of course, is that if the person buys into that limit, that limiting energy, when the thing occurs, it may be good, it may not be good, it may work out, it might not work out, it may drive them into another direction and so on and so on. So there is that threat of the possibility of some downside, if you like or lack of responsibility, a lack of accountability. If you look at the way that the planet is run, the way humans in general around the planet live their lives, those two things are lacking to such a degree, that it looks like the planet may not be able to cope with everybody behaving in this fashion.

“No responsibility, or lack of responsibility and a lack of accountability.”

So, for us prediction feeds into that. It feeds into this idea where is only this possibility. And in that possibility, you have no responsibility and no accountability because someone else told you that that’s what is going to happen, and you placed your control, your sovereignty into the hands of that individual and allowed that to determine your life.
Now of course, we are not saying that everybody that is told something makes that thing happen. Weren’t not saying that this is always the case, but if you are asking for prediction, if you are asking what is going to happen if I do this, when am I going to meet the person of my dreams; when am I going to get my job I wanted; and so on and so on, then you are really not really looking for guidance, you are looking for the answer that you can work towards.

We suggest to people that you look for guidance, and not:

  • when am I going to meet the person of my dreams?
  • what is that person going to be like?


  • How can I create the space for me to be available to the person of my dreams?
  • What is it about me that I can do, or what is it about me that is inhibiting this occurrence?

Because then you are not setting a limit on those possibilities, you are also being responsible for your part of this process you are not just being sending if off to the ethers in the expectation that it’s going to be actioned.

Now we know that there is a lot of people that follow “The Secret” (film) and if you put it out there then the attraction factor will come back to you and so on, and we are not saying that that doesn’t occur. What we are saying is that the people that are successful at it are creating the space for themselves to allow it to happen. So, they are creating the energy, they are in control, they are just not plonking it out there so that the universe gets to work. No, they are in control. They have the sovereignty of themselves, they know it and they are creating the space and that’s what we’re saying to you.

It’s very important that when you are doing your work, as we have been talking about now for some time. Doing your work is this finding out:

  • what you really want and
  • where you really want to go and
  • how you really want to live and
  • that you take control and create the space!

Many blessings to you, thank you,

The Mothers
Channeled by Caroline Allinson-Dunn
Ancestral Medicine Women

All rights reserved 2019 – Brad Dunn and Caroline Allinson-Dunn

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